Is It Safe to Use iPhone While Charging?

Most of us use iPhones while charging them. Waiting for the phone to completely charge and then start using it is not an option in this fast-moving world.

Urgent work like replying to an email, making/receiving a call, Video call, or Facetime from someone will not wait.

What if you wish to listen to music, browse the internet, or play games while charging your iPhone?

Many of you may be using an old iPhone. It is quite obvious that an old iPhone battery degrades. So, you may be charging your iPhone more than once a day.

It is not always possible to put your iPhone on charge and not use it. You may have a use case where you want to use your iPhone while charging.

While doing this, one thing you must have thought about once is whether it is safe to use iPhone while charging and whether should you hold the iPhone while charging it.

Can the iPhone explode if we use it while charging or can it give us an electric shock or cause burn or irritation to the skin?

If you want an answer to this question, you have landed at the right article.

We have done all the research and will give you a concise explanation.

Not just that, we have also provided a few tips on how to safely use your iPhone while charging and also maintaining your iPhone’s battery health.

Is It Safe To Use iPhone While Charging?

Yes, it is completely safe to use iPhone while charging. 

According to different research and reports using an iPhone while charging is safe for you.

However, it may slow your charging speed. If you are a normal user, don’t bother about it, but if you are a heavy user, use your iPhone carefully while charging.

Wonder why? Apple uses lithium-ion batteries in iPhones, which heat faster than other batteries.

But there are some tips that you can apply to keep your iPhone safe from heating.

Tips For Using iPhone While Charging

There are specific tips to safeguard your iPhone if you regularly use it after putting it on charge.

You can remove the case from your iPhone during charging to avoid overheating issues. When using a power bank to charge your iPhone avoid using the case. Doing so may overheat your iPhone as well as your power bank.

Other than these tips, there are some more suggestions you can follow.

1. Use the Original Apple Adapter And Cable

Apple made the bold move of removing the adapter from the iPhone box. All new iPhones don’t ship with an adapter in the box.

Due to this, someone buying an iPhone for the very first time finds themselves to be without a charger.

They can buy an official Apple adapter (which is expensive) or use an existing third-party adapter. It is advised that you should use the original Apple adapter and cable.

This is a crucial thing you can do to save your iPhone’s battery while charging.

If you are using a duplicate or cheap charger, it will cost you a high price in the long run.

Using a bad-quality charger may also cause permanent battery damage to your iPhone.

If your budget doesn’t allow getting the official adapter, you can buy an Apple-certified third-party adapter from the likes of Spigen, Anker, or other such accessories makers.

2. Don’t Use Power-hungry Apps

If you badly want to use your iPhone and can’t wait for your iPhone to be fully charged.

One suggestion we will give you is don’t use power-hungry apps.

Some social media apps like Facebook and Instagram use excessive power. You should not use them while charging.

These apps can sink your iPhone’s battery. The apps consume battery by running some unwanted services all the time in the background.

So, try to avoid using such apps while charging.

3. Don’t Play Games When Charging Your iPhone

Many of you may have a bad habit of playing games and charging your iPhone. It’s normal for your iPhone to get overheated while playing games.

As the power supply will be diverted between charging the phone and gaming, there will be a decrease in the performance of the device.

It will also directly impact your iPhone’s battery health. Over time this will destroy the battery.

So, we will not recommend playing games on your iPhone while charging.

How to Charge iPhone Faster?

You have an iPhone, and you almost use it many times while charging. That’s true that iPhone is safe to use while charging, but heavy use might affect your device.

What if your iPhone charges faster, so you no longer need to use it while charging?

You can try fast charging instead of using it while charging your iPhone.

To begin with, ensure that you are charging your phone with the most substantial possible electrical current.

After doing this, try the below tips to charge your iPhone faster.

1. Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data

We all have a terrible habit of not turning off Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, or personal hotspots while charging. These services consume a decent amount of battery.

You should turn off these while charging. It will increase the charging speed of your iPhone. Follow the below steps to turn off Bluetooth, mobile data, and personal hotspots.

1. Swipe down from the top right corner of your iPhone to open Control Center.

2. From the top left corner of the Control Center, turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Mobile Data from the top left corner.

turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Mobile Data

You can also turn off these services from the Settings app.

2. Disable Location Services

If you have enabled Location Services on your iPhone, your location is accessible all the time.

It puts a massive load on the battery while charging and reduces the charging speed.

You can disable Location Services when you are charging your iPhone. It should help to charge your iPhone faster. Follow the below steps to disable Location Services.

1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

2. Scroll down and tap on Privacy & Security.

privacy security iphone

3. In Privacy & Security, click on Location Services.

location services iphone

4. Turn off the toggle right to Location Services.

location services iphone

3. Turn Off Your iPhone

If you want the best possible charging speed from your iPhone, then it is best to turn it off while charging.

This practice reduces a lot of your charging time. The power supply doesn’t divert and has no interruptions of receiving texts, emails, messages, calls, reminders, and notifications. That is why your iPhone will charge faster.

4. Get A Fast Charging Charger

If you are using a low-wattage charger you can replace it with a high-wattage charger to help charge your iPhone quickly.

But keep in mind that only use a reliable charger to charge your iPhone.

Is It Safe To Hold iPhone While Charging?

Wondering if it is bad to hold and use iPhone while charging? Can the iPhone give you a shock or explode?

Apple officially says to avoid prolonged contact with charging cables and connectors while charging your iPhone.

As it can cause discomfort or injury and also can cause iPhone to heat as proper heat exchange will be stopped.

You should also take care that you don’t sit or sleep over the connected power cable or charger.

Charging, and using the iPhone together while holding it can also heat the iPhone and cause damage to the battery.

If you are wondering if holding an iPhone while charging can cause an explosion. It shouldn’t.

Note: Last year a viral TikTok video claimed that holding an iPhone while charging sends electrical waves through your body. Which is a completely wrong and fake claim.

Final Words

Most of us use our iPhones while charging. As mentioned above, it is totally safe for you, but heavy use may overheat your iPhone, indirectly damaging the battery.

You can imply the given tips to use your iPhone safely when charging.

We have also provided some tips you can follow to fast charge your iPhone, so you no longer need to use it while charging.

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