In one of the previous articles, we explain it’s safe to use an iPhone while charging. But quite a few people are also concerned about whether it is safe to hold an iPhone while charging.

This question may be coming to your mind after watching several viral TikTok or YouTube videos claiming that holding an iPhone and using it while charging can send electric waves to the body and cause electric shock.

To clear all your doubts about these claims, we researched properly and have come up with a final answer.

So, if you want to know whether it is safe to hold your iPhone while charging, read this article until the end.

Is it Safe to Hold Your iPhone While Charging

After watching the viral Tik Tok video, many of you must be thinking that it is not safe to hold your iPhone while charging. But this is completely wrong as you can hold the iPhone and use it while charging without any risk.

In the Important safety information article for iPhone, Apple explicitly acknowledges that holding an iPhone while charging is perfectly safe.

However, prolonged contact with charging cables or connectors while charging the phone may cause minor injury or discomfort because it may hinder heat exchange.

Moreover, you also need to keep some things in mind, as mentioned below. Because in some cases, you may face terrible problems like fire, electric shock, injury, or damage.

Don’t Hold a Damaged iPhone While Charging

The iPhone is made up of premium-quality glass and metal and has many sensitive electronic components. These components may damage if your iPhone drops.

A damaged iPhone may cause severe damage to you while holding and charging it.

So, we recommend not using an iPhone that has damaged and cracked glass.

Stop using it. Get it repaired or look for a new one instead.

Visit Apple Service Center For A Repair

If your iPhone gets damaged, have it repaired by a trained technician.

There is a high probability that unauthorized technicians will use duplicate parts on your iPhone, which is dangerous.

Since it can cause serious injury when the phone is held and charged. So you should only contact an authorized Apple service center to get your iPhone repaired.

Don’t Use A Damaged Battery

The iPhone doesn’t compromise on battery quality. But at times, your iPhone battery can get damaged for many reasons. When it happens, you should stop using that iPhone with a damaged battery.

A damaged battery allows moisture and oxygen to get inside the battery, causing a heat reaction. Therefore, using it during charging leads to overheating or explosion. Replace your battery or get it fixed as soon as possible to get rid of these dreaded problems.

Below are some more possibilities in which your iPhone gets seriously damaged.

1. Check your charging circuit, as poor-quality circuits lead to shocks while charging and using the iPhone.

2. Using a broken charging cable also causes severe damage. Try using an original cable and adapter.

3. The charging cable and connector should not be in prolonged contact with the skin. When it is connected to a power source, it can result in electric shock or injury.

Final Words

First of all, never believe such viral Tik Tok or youtube videos. Always try to check facts that happen.

It is completely safe to hold the iPhone while charging. All you have to do is take care of the above point to avoid electric shock, injury, and explosion.


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