With Cloud computing gaining popularity these days due to its low operating costs, increased flexibility, and scalability, global sales of PCs have seen a major decline.

This has impacted software giant Microsoft too which has seen a steep decline in its Windows PC sales, which in turn has badly affected its finances.

In order to generate revenue for the company, the Redmond giant is reportedly working on a new business model that is entirely based on the Cloud and can be accessed through a paid subscription.

The company is looking to offer low-cost personal PCs supported by Windows 365 and powered by advertisements.

According to the Microsoft Careers job listing for a Principal Software Engineering Manager, which was spotted by ZDNet, the company is searching for someone who can assist the firm to “chart a new direction for the experience and business model of Windows.”

The listing also states that the company is looking for engineers and others to become part of the “newly formed Windows Incubation team” whose mission is to “build a new direction for Windows in a cloud first world.”

Interestingly enough, the original job listing mentioned “low-cost PCs powered through advertising and subscriptions to new direct-to-cloud hardware devices across work and life,” which has since been replaced with new language that only refers to developing “prototypes.”

Our team is looking for an exceptional Engineering Manager to build and lead a talented team of passionate engineers. You will work on innovative Web and platform technologies to prototype and explore new experiences. You and your team will partner with Product Management and Design to ideate and build new experiences aligned with the mission to drive cloud first experiences into Windows, create prototypes to validate early thinking, and use on-going customer data and research to validate our ideas. You will be responsible for defining architectures, engineering plans and processes in your team that drive quality and agility and move the team from ideation to shipping. You will play a key leadership role in defining and promoting an inclusive team culture with the best engineering practices to deliver experiences with quality and customer love. If you are that person, contact us!  

In order to offer more computing resources on demand and generate a new hybrid app model that spans from local to cloud computing, Microsoft plans to move Windows to a place that combines the benefits of the Cloud and Microsoft 365.

According to the ad, it also includes “building a Web-based shell with direct integration with Windows 365.”

For the unversed, Windows 365/Cloud PC service was launched last year as a new PC-as-a-service, a virtual version of the OS available in the cloud, intended for professionals and business users.

This service essentially allows users to stream their apps, settings, and the entire desktop to any of the connected devices such as Macs, Android, or Linux machines by paying for a subscription.

By extending thin-client-type and affordable PCs to consumers besides businesses and professionals, Microsoft is looking to cancel out costs via ads and subscriptions by running the desktop operating system in the cloud.


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