How Old is My iPhone? ‘Find Out Now’

iPhone ages with time but since they have better hardware and software than Android they tend to last longer.

This is why several people are still using 5-8 years old iPhones like iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or iPhone X.

Are you an iPhone user? Wondering How Old Your iPhone Is? Or maybe you just purchased an old iPhone and want to know The Age Of Your iPhone?

What if you want to sell Your old iPhone and need to know how old Your iPhone is to estimate its pricing and condition?

Well if your answer to any of these questions is yes, then continue reading as in this article we have shared multiple methods to Find The Age Of Any iPhone.

So without further a do let’s find out Your iPhone Age.

“NOTE: If your iPhone is older than a year then directly move on to the Chipmunk Klantenservice and SNDeepInfo methods shared in the later sections of this article.”

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Find iPhone Age Using Serial Number 

One of the easiest methods to find How Old is My iPhone is by using the Serial Number.

Every iPhone has a unique serial number and by just looking at that serial number you can find when the device was manufactured.

You can find the serial number of your iPhone by going to Settings > General > About > Serial Number, you can long press on the serial number to copy it.

iPhone Serial Number

Usually, the serial number is 12 characters long, and the 4th character represents the year in which your iPhone was manufactured or activated so note that carefully.

You can match the 4th character with the list of years shared below,

C – 2010 (First Half)
F – 2011 (First Half)
G – 2011 (Second Half)
H – 2012 (First Half)
J – 2012 (Second Half)
K – 2013 (First Half)
L – 2013 (Second Half)
M – 2014 (First Half)
N – 2014 (Second Half)
P- 2015 (First Half)
Q- 2015 (Second Half)
R- 2016 (First Half)
S- 2016 (Second Half)
T- 2017 (First Half)
V- 2017 (Second Half)
W- 2018 (First Half)
X- 2018 (Second Half)
Y- 2019 (First Half)
Z – 2019 (First Half)
D – 2020 (Second Half)

It’s worth noting that this method only works on iPhones launched before 2021. Consequently, check out the other methods to find the exact Age Of iPhone.

Find How Old Your iPhone Is Using Apple’s Check Coverage

From the previous method you already acquired your iPhone Serial Number now, we will rely on Apple’s Check Coverage website to check, How Old Your iPhone Is?

Carefully follow these simple steps to Verify iPhone Age,

iPhone Coverage Website

STEP 1: Using any Web Browser of your choice open Apple’s Check Coverage website i.e.

STEP 2: Now you have to enter the serial number followed by the CAPTCHA verification code and then you will get the details of your iPhone.

STEP 3: Under the Repairs and Service Coverage section you will see the Estimated Expiration Date. Since every iPhone comes with one year warranty you can subtract one year from the expiration date to know the exact age of your iPhone.

Sadly this method only works if your iPhone is less than a year old. So if your iPhone is more than a year old check out the Chipmunk Klantenservice method shared in the later sections of this article.

Check How Old Is My iPhone Using Apple Support App

Using the Apple Support App you can effortlessly find How Long Have I Had My iPhone? 

Support App

You can download the Apple Support App for free from the App Store. Similar to the coverage website the Support App can help you quickly check when your warranty expires, and thus the date you purchased your iPhone.

Find Apple iPhone Age Using Chipmunk Klantenservice

Next on the list, we have Chipmunk Klantenservice which is a third-party tool to find the age on your iPhone. This method also required the serial number so keep it ready.

Chipmunk Klantenservice.png

STEP 1: First open the Chipmunk website,

STEP 2: Enter your serial number in the “Enter your serial number here” box and press the “Show the information” button.

STEP 3: The website will now showcase every information about your iPhone including the Production Year and Production Week.

The method mentioned above can be used to find the age of any iPhone in existence.

Find Year And Model Of iPhone Using Using SNDeepInfo

Lastly, you can even use the SNDeepInfo tool which is almost Similar to the Chipmunk Klantenservice website and provides every possible detail about your iPhone.

With SNDeepInfo you don’t even have to do any calculations as the website clearly displays your iPhone age. Follow these simple steps to Know Your iPhone Age,


STEP 1: As usual firstly open the SNDeepInfo website,

STEP 2: Enter your serial number in the “IMEI OR SERIAL NUMBER” section and press the show info button

STEP 3: Now you can clearly see your iPhone age followed below the model number of your iPhone.

Once again, this method works for every iPhone in existence and you can even use this website for Samsung smartphones. Furthermore, you even get access to a certificate showing your iPhone age.

How Old is My iPhone FAQs

How Can I Tell How Old My iPhone Is By IMEI?

To tell how old my iPhone is by IMEI open the website and enter your IMEI number. Next press the show info button to clearly see your iPhone age.

How Do I Know The Year And Model Of My iPhone?

To know the year and model of your iPhone open the Chipmunk Klantenservice website and enter the serial number of your iPhone. The website will now showcase every information about your iPhone including the Production Year and Model.


So these were some of the best and easy-to-follow methods to check How Old Is My iPhone? If you come across any other method to Check iPhone Age then feel free to let us know on our socials.

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