If you are on the lookout for a Windows 11 Browser then simply continue reading as you can find the Best Browsers For Windows 11 in this article.

While Windows 11 comes with Microsoft Edge preinstalled and it will work for most of your uses like opening URL, or browsing the WEB. Finding a browser that fulfills all your requirements and works flawlessly on Windows 11 can be a difficult task.

The browsers shared in this article are followed by a detailed description of their features and drawbacks.

Consequently, after going through all the web browsers you can easily choose the one that is ideal for your workflow.

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What Is A Web Browser?


A web browser is an application software for accessing the World Wide Web. In simple words, a browser allows users to surf the internet and access millions of websites and services that are present on the internet.

Browsers are available for both desktop or mobile devices and each browser has a unique set of features. Some offer better performance while some focus on providing online security to their users.

Furthermore, some even allow users to access the Dark Web. Using the list shared in this article you can find a perfect web browser for Windows 11.

Top Windows 11 Browsers

1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

First, on the list, we have the tried and trusted Mozilla Firefox. Available for every desktop and mobile operating system out there, Firefox offers unmatched privacy & online security. Additionally, the browser runs smoothly even on aging hardware.

A majority of mainstream extensions and plugins are supported by Firefox and you can customize the interface based on your preference.

Picture-in-Picture for multitasking with videos, expanded dark mode, unified search bar, pocket integration, password-free login, are some of the noteworthy features for Firefox. Clearly, Firefox is the best privacy-focused browser out there.

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Love it or hate it, the cross-platform web browser Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser, and it’s used by millions. In fact, there’s a high probability that you reading this article on Google Chrome.

Despite consuming a considerable amount of system resources, Google Chrome is fairly easy to use and it syncs well with all your devices. Chrome also doubles up as a secure and reliable password manager.

Based on your preference, you can customize the overall look and feel of the browser.

Chrome is updated on a regular basis and new features are added to it every now and then. So if you are very well invested in the Google ecosystem then Chrome should be your browser of choice for Windows 11.

3. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Generally, Microsoft Edge is used to download Google Chrome but things have now changed. The latest version of Edge for Windows 11 is now powered by Chromium and it’s way faster than its predecessor.

A majority of mainstream extensions like payment wallets, password managers, ad-blockers, and many more are now available for Edge.

Similar to Chrome, Edge also allows users to download webpages as standalone apps that can be launched and used as Windows software without opening the browser.

Homepage on the default Windows 11 browser can be customized and it even offers tracking prevention.

4. Vivaldi


Vivaldi is another feature-packed browser for Windows 11 that’s worth checking out. If you are someone who likes to customize every single aspect of their browser then you would enjoy using Vivaldi.

Under the hood, Vivaldi is also powered by Chromium as a result you can use every single Chrome extension on Vivaldi.

Groups tabs in a stack, built-in ad and tracker blocker, multiple colored themes, screen capture, and notes are some of the major highlights of Vivaldi that help it to stand out from the crowd.

5. Opera


The next best browser for Windows 11 on the list is Opera. A decade ago, Opera used to be a java-based web browser but it’s completely changed now.

Opera is now highly customizable and it brings every mainstream social media and messaging service on the homepage. The browser also offers, built-in ad blocker, a built-in VPN, a dedicated Crypto Wallet, and easy on eyes dark mode.

You will be surprised to know that features like speed dial, re-opening recently closed pages, private browsing, and tabbed browsing were all founded by Opera and are now used by every other browser.

Overall, it’s a good Windows 11 browser that simply gets the job done.

6. Brave


Next up on the list, we have Brave browser. The developers of Brave claim that it’s three times faster than Chrome. The browser also allows websites and content writers to earn micropayments in the form of Basic Attention Tokens.

Tracker and ad blocker are enabled by default on the privacy-focused web browser Brave. You can also install your favorite chrome extensions and themes on Brave.

In addition to offering performance improvements, Brave also consumes 35% less battery. So if you prefer fewer ads, no loss of privacy and a fast browsing experience then do check out Brave.

7. Tor Browser


Every browser mentioned in this article can be used to browse the surface web. However, if you have something to do with the dark web then Tor should be your browser of choice.

Tor offers extreme privacy and security protection. All of your cookies and browsing history are automatically deleted after you end a session. To use Tor to its full potential you can dive deep into the settings and customize it.

While browsing on Tor websites can’t even track your location as Tor changes that regularly.

8. Duckduckgo


Last, on the list, we again have a privacy-focused browser for Windows 11 that goes by the name Duckduckgo. The developers claim that the browser never collects or stores the user’s personal information.

Some of the major highlights of Duckduckgo are app store search, ability to shorten and expand links, quick stopwatch, calendar, loan calculator, anagram solver, and many more.

Lastly, Duckduckgo also offers complete website encryption.


So these were some of the best Windows 11 browsers that are worth checking out. Do share your personal recommendations for the best Windows 11 web browsers in the comments section below.