12 Best Browsers For Windows 11 PC in 2024 (Fast & Safe)

If you are looking for a Windows 11 Browser, then simply continue reading. This article contains the Best Browsers For Windows 11 Desktop PCs and Laptops.

Windows 11 comes with an Internet browser, Microsoft Edge preinstalled, and it will work for most of your uses, such as opening URLs or browsing the Web.

Finding a browser that fulfills all your requirements and works flawlessly on Windows 11 can be difficult.

We have tested these browsers and found them the fastest, safest, and most privacy-friendly.

They have good downloading capabilities with resume support and are lightweight compared to other web browsers in the market.

Moreover, some of these browsers also provide inbuilt VPNs and ad-blockers to secure internet browsing.

Consequently, after going through all the web browsers, you can easily choose the one that is ideal for your workflow.

Best Web Browser For Windows 11

Editor’s Choice

Browsers Add-ons/Extensions What stands out
VPN Feature
Microsoft Edge Chrome extensions Copilot and Windows 11 integration No
Firefox Add-ons Reliability with less RAM usage No
Brave Chrome extensions Privacy focussed browsing Yes
Opera GX Opera add-ons Browser gaming Yes
Google Chrome Chrome extensions Largest extensions library No


1. Opera


Opera is one of the best browsers for Windows 11 on the list. A decade ago, Opera was a Java-based web browser, but it has undergone a transformation for the better.

Opera is now highly customizable. Its homepage now includes every mainstream social media and messaging service.

The browser also offers a built-in ad blocker, a built-in VPN, a dedicated Crypto Wallet, and an easy-on-the-eyes dark mode.

You will be surprised to know that features like speed dial, re-opening recently closed pages, private browsing, and tabbed browsing were all founded by Opera and are now used by every other browser.

All in all, it is a good Windows 11 browser that does the job. You can use it as your daily driver.


  • In-built VPN With Multiple Servers
  • Mainstream Messaging Services On Homescreen
  • Lightweight browser for Windows 11

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Second on the list, we have the tried and trusted Mozilla Firefox.

Available for every desktop and mobile operating system, Firefox offers unmatched privacy and online security. Additionally, the browser runs smoothly even on aging hardware.

Firefox supports a majority of mainstream extensions and plugins and you can customize the interface based on your preference.

Firefox’s noteworthy features include picture-in-picture for multitasking with videos, expanded dark mode, unified search bar, pocket integration, and password-free login.

Clearly, Firefox is amongst the best privacy-focused browsers out there.

The screen transition from windowed mode to full-screen on any video on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or even Facebook is effortless. It dims out and then lights up the screen for under a second.


  • Cross Platform And Cross-Device Syncing
  • Picture-in-Picture Video Player Built-In
  • Privacy-Focused Browsing Experience

3. Brave


Next up on the list is the Brave browser. The developers of Brave claim that it is three times faster than Chrome.

The browser lets websites and content writers earn micropayments from Basic Attention Tokens.

Being one of the best browsers for Windows 11, the tracker and ad blocker are enabled by default on the privacy-focused web browser Brave. You can also install your favorite Chrome extensions and themes on Brave.

In addition to offering performance improvements, Brave claims to consume 35% less battery. So, if you prefer fewer ads, no loss of privacy, and a fast browsing experience, do check out Brave.


  • Completely Advertisement Free Browsing Experience
  • Fast Performance Even On Low-End Computers
  • Supports Most Mainstream Chrome Extensions

4. Opera GX

Opera GX Windows 11 browser

So, all of us are familiar with the Opera browser, offering a seamless experience with enhanced privacy options minus the bloat.

Gaming has evolved beyond the clutches of gaming consoles and PCs. Now you enjoy a sizeable amount of games on browser and mobile alike.

This time around, Opera is bringing its Gaming Browser For Windows 11. Opera GX is everything you wish for while gaming in the browser.

The first launch has an interesting musical intro that sets the tone for gamers. Just like the standard version, the sidebar is on the left. Here, the overall theme screams red, which can be changed from the settings.

The aesthetic look is not the only new feature on the cards. There are also sound effects for typing, moving around in the settings, and more.

You get comprehensive control over their tab through the GX control panel. You can kill tabs that are taking up resources and limit network, RAM, and CPU usage by specific tabs.

We get a loaded sidebar with Discord. Log in and get chatting with your gang.

Hold on, that’s not all; the sidebar also houses a Twitch option. Stay updated with the updates and notifications from the channel you follow.

You can add Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Vkontakte to browse and chat simultaneously.

This browser for Windows 11 just keeps on giving. Enjoy the music on the browser itself using the built-in music player. Connect with your favorite audio streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and one region-specific.


  • Built-In System Resources Monitoring Tools
  • Mainstream Messaging Services On Homescreen
  • Built For Gamers From The Ground Up

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5. UR Browser

UR browser for Windows 11

On the first launch, you can choose the privacy level – low, medium, and high. It is set to medium by default.

UR browser is based on Chrome so that the user interface will feel similar to many. But you cannot use Chrome extensions.

The default search engine here is Bing, which you can change from the settings.

In addition, there is a Ninja mode in private browsing(incognito mode). When you close the Ninja tab in incognito mode, it erases all cookies and trackers.

You can add certain websites to the Ninja list and open them automatically every time.

The biggest differentiator from Chrome is the free VPN you get here. For that to work, you must install the VPN software(during browser installation).

A download button is at the top to quickly access your recent downloads. This button lets you search the entire list, and there are also categories for different file formats.


  • Chrome-based browser
  • Free VPN included
  • Ninja mode in secured private browsing

6. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has left Internet Explorer behind and has gone ahead with Edge, built into Windows 11.

The latest version of Edge is one of the best browsers for Windows 11, now powered by Chromium and it is way faster than its predecessor.

Update – Edge now has Microsoft Copilot built into the browser. You can use the AI companion by clicking on the logo.

Do you know what the best part about Edge is? You can install Chrome extensions here without a hiccup, which is a big plus for being based on Chromium.

It uses a very significantly less amount of RAM compared to Chrome.

A majority of mainstream extensions like payment wallets, password managers, ad-blockers, and many more are now available for Edge.

Like Chrome, Edge also allows users to download webpages as standalone apps that can be launched and used as Windows software without opening the browser.

Homepage on the default Windows 11 browser can be customized, and it even offers tracking prevention.


  • Supports Every Google Chrome Extension
  • Consumer Fewer System Resources For Proper Functioning
  • AI companion through Microsoft Copilot

7. Yandex

Yandex - best browser for Windows 11

Many of you would not have heard of Yandex, which accounts for less than a percent of the web browser market share. From the first look, the placement of elements feels like a breath of fresh air.

All the utilities have been placed on the left side of the screen. It uses the space efficiently on wide display monitors. You will find a bookmark manager, tab music controller, tab manager, screenshot button, and a few other things.

When you launch Yandex for the first time, a couple of preferences will be asked and set up for you.

These include questions about tab layout, search engine, and bookmark settings, among other things.

One of the best browsers for Windows 11 to come out of Russia has a dark theme mode. It is currently in beta and does as it says in the name. You can go dark on any website using this feature, which has the option to disable it for selected sites.


  • Clean And Well-Developed UI
  • Great Tab Management Tools
  • Ability To Go Dark Mode On Any Webpage

8. Vivaldi


Vivaldi is another feature-packed browser for Windows 11 that’s worth checking out. If you like to customize every aspect of their browser, then you would enjoy using Vivaldi.

Vivaldi is also powered by Chromium. As a result, you can use every single Chrome extension on Vivaldi.

Group tabs in a stack, a built-in ad and tracker blocker, multiple colored themes, screen capture, and notes are some of Vivaldi’s major highlights that help it stand out from the crowd.

Visual bookmarks on Vivaldi help it stand out from the rest of the Windows 11 browsers. You can also group them into different categories. For instance, all the news sites’ bookmarks can be under the folder named News.


  • Built-In Ads And Tracker Blocker
  • Offers The Ability To Group Tabs And Bookmarks
  • Supports Every Google Chrome Extension

9. Avast Secure Browser

Avast Secure Browser for Windows 11

Almost everyone has used Avast as a computer antivirus program. However, not many know about the tools it offers, including a browser for Windows 11.

Based on Chromium’s Blink engine, it essentially mirrors Chrome’s UI. Privacy and security are kept on a pedestal here, and several measures are offered through the privacy center.

It is no surprise that it is able to use Chrome extensions. There is an exclusive Avast add-on store, which houses several dozen extensions for the secure Windows 11 browser.

Avast Secure Browser also offers a VPN with a limited trial period. In addition, you get extension guards, anti-phishing tools, and anti-tracking tools.

Similar to Chrome, we get a browser sync here. It works using the Avast account to keep you synced across different devices.


  • Supports Every Google Chrome Extension
  • Offers Privacy And Security-Focused Browsing Experience
  • Cross Platform Syncing

10. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

The cross-platform web browser Google Chrome is the most popular, used by millions around the world. In fact, you are likely reading this article on Google Chrome.

With over 75% market share, it is unarguably among the best browsers for Windows 11 users. You will find it on PCs, tablets, smartphones, TVs, and even video game consoles.

Despite consuming considerable system resources, Google Chrome is pretty easy to use and syncs well with all your devices.

Chrome also doubles up as a secure and reliable password manager. Based on your preference, you can customize the overall look and feel of the browser. Their extensions library is sure to keep you busy for a long time.

Suppose you feel like an experiment, then head over to Google Chrome’s lab, which features the best Chrome flags. Essentially, you can try out new features that are not part of the standard version.

Chrome is updated regularly, and new features are added to it every now and then. So if you are very well invested in the Google ecosystem, then Chrome should be your browser of choice for Windows 11.

Their recent update introduced a tab and tab music manager, which made life easier for a power user.


  • Largest Library Of Extensions
  • Fully-Customizable UI
  • Built -In Secure And Reliable Password Manager (Synced Across All Devices)

11. Tor Browser


Every browser mentioned in this article can be used to browse the surface web. However, if you have something to do with the dark web, then Tor should be your browser of choice.

Tor offers extreme privacy and security protection. After you end a session, all of your cookies and browsing history are automatically deleted. You can customize the settings to use Tor to its full potential.

While browsing on Tor websites can’t even track your location as Tor changes that regularly. When you want to go anonymous and keep your privacy above, this is hands down the best browser for Windows 11.


  • Can Help You Access Dark Web Easily
  • Extreme Privacy And Security Protection
  • Fully Customizable UI

12. Cent Browser

Cent browser for Windows 11

Cent browser is also based on Chromium, so you will feel familiar with it if you switch from Chrome.

The default search engine is set to Yahoo or Cent Search, depending on your region. You can manually change it from the settings.

On the welcome screen, it takes you to the Chrome web store, but the extensions don’t work. However, you can use limited extensions from their collection.

One of the best features is the video download. Play the video in the tab, and above the video player, a button to download it appears.

You will also like the multi-logging tabs. It lets you use multiple accounts on the same website, separated by different tabs.

In addition, you can lazy load multiple tabs. When you launch the browser, you can load a single tab while leaving others idle.


  • One-click to download videos
  • Multi-login tabs for multiple accounts
  • Customize the size of the tabs

What Is A Web Browser?


A web browser is an application software for accessing the World Wide Web. In simple words, a browser lets users to surf the internet and access millions of websites and services that are present on the internet.

Furthermore, some even allow users to access the Dark Web. Using the list shared in this article, you can find a perfect web browser for Windows 11.


So these were some of the best browsers for Windows 11 that are worth trying out.

Do share your personal recommendations for the best Windows 11 web browsers in the comments section below.

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