Microsoft is reportedly working on a new section on the Edge’s History page that will keep a record of web pages and tabs you send to other devices.

Currently, the Edge web browser keeps a track of web pages you visited on the History page unless the browsing history is deleted.

The new History section was first spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2 on the Sent pages on the History page of Edge. This section will enable Edge users to view the tabs that they have sent to another device running the Edge browser, such as Windows PC, Mac, or smartphone.

While there is Sent pages on the History page of Edge, sadly, there is no “Received pages” section that displays all web pages the user has received from other devices running Edge. The famous Redditor believes that Microsoft may add another section that includes those tabs in the future.

At present, the new History section is available only to a limited set of Edge insiders in the Canary Channel who can access the feature by clicking the Sent pages tab on the edge://history page. Alternatively, they can open their browser’s history by pressing Ctrl + H.

Besides the new History section, the Reddit user also leaked a new option in the browser context menu – “open link in sidebar”, which allows users to open web page links in the Edge sidebar.

To see the above new option, all you need to do is right-click on any link. Once clicked, it will show the browser context menu with the option to open the link in the Edge sidebar. However, this item in the context menu will open the mobile version of the site.

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