13 Best Torrent Sites For TV Shows in 2024

Choosing the Best Torrent Sites For TV Shows can be slightly difficult.

With so many BitTorrent websites available finding the best one is always a tough decision.

Luckily, you’re at the right place as in this article we have shared several feature-packed TV Series Torrents that work in 2024 and are not blocked.

Using these torrent sites you can download entire seasons or particular episodes of your favorite TV Series, shows, or web series.

Moreover latest TV series from OTT apps are also available on these torrenting sites for free

Surprisingly, even the content library offered by P2P torrent sites is way bigger than mainstream streaming services.

So finding any particular show won’t be an issue.

Toward the end of the article, we have also shared an easy-to-follow guide to help you Download TV Shows Torrents.

DISCLAIMERPlease note that this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used as it is illegal and prohibited in many countries. Techworm shall not be responsible for any consequences.

Top Torrent Sites For TV Shows

These are the best Torrent sites to download Tv series, web series, and tv shows. We have tested and found these sites provide good speed and fewer adverts.

Moreover, these torrent sites provide new seasons and episodes very quickly with their release.

1. 1337x (Reliable TV Shows Torrent Site)

1337x is one of the most feature-packed torrenting site that offers the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows in HD quality.

The website has been around for well over one and a half decade and it has a very modern interface. 1337x features a dedicated section for TV Shows on its homepage and the content library is updated almost daily.


Before downloading anything from 1337x you can acquire complete information about the tv show torrent file like the file size, video format, number of seeders & leechers, ratings, and much more.

Apart from TV Shows, you can also download content like movies, games, music, software, anime, and ebook torrents from 1337x.

2. Torrent Downloads (Best Torrent Sites For Series)

With a massive content library of 16 million-plus torrents, Torrent Downloads is one of the best torrent sites for TV shows.

In addition to mainstream series, you can also find thousands of regional TV Shows on Torrent Downloads and based on your preference you can download individual episodes, full TV show seasons, or TV packs.

Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads also has a dedicated section for TV Shows that showcases the new and popular shows. You can also check the number of seeders & leechers and torrent health of different TV Show Torrents.

The average download speed offered by Torrent Downloads is in the range of 2 to 3 MB/s.

At times the pop-ups and advertisements on this website can get a bit annoying but you can find the latest series like The Last Of Us.

3. YTS Torrent (HD TV Series Torrents) 

Next, on the list of TV Series Torrents, we have YTS. Finding new releases and classic shows on YTS is quite easy and the website also goes by the name YIFY.

Unlike old-school torrent websites, YTS has a very well-developed UI, and it’s easy to navigate. To download a movie simply type the title in the search bar and once the result pops up click on it.


Content on YTS is available in 720p, 1080p, 4K, and even 3D picture quality, and it’s nicely organized into different sections based on genre, language, ratings, and much more.

In addition to TV Shows Torrents, you can download movie torrents from YTS as it has a massive collection of mainstream movies.

4. EZTV (Fast TV Shows Torrenting Site)

EZTV is another trustworthy torrent site for TV shows that features well over 18 million-plus torrents ranging from 480p to up to 2160p quality.

Using the RSS feed of EZTV you can auto-download files of freshly released and upcoming content. Since EZTV offers magnet links the entire process of downloading content is quite fast.


The active community behind EZTV keeps the seeder/leecher ratio quite impressive once again making the overall download speed fast.

EZTV also allows users to download either separate episodes or complete seasons based on their preference. Lastly, the UI of EZTV might seem a bit outdated but once you get used to it there won’t be a problem.

5. The Pirate Bay (Huge Collection Of TV Series Torrents)

It’s almost impossible to create a list of TV Series Torrent Sites and not mention the king of torrents i.e. The Pirate Bay.

If you are an active part of the torrenting community then you might have definitely heard about TPB. Well over 10,000 torrents are uploaded daily on TPB and as you might have guessed these include several new tv series torrents.

The Pirate Bay

To Download TV Shows from TPB simply search for the series on the homepage and download the TV Series Magnet Link.

If TPB is banned in your location or you’re unable to access the site then feel free to check out The Pirate Bay Alternatives and working TPB Proxy Sites.

6. iDope (Active TV Series Torrenting Site) 

Another great TV Shows Torrenting Site that’s worth checking out is iDope. A super active community that uploads newly released content regularly helps iDope to stand out from the crowd.

Finding the latest episodes of your favorite sitcom is quite easy and the impressive seeder-to-leecher ratio for mainstream shows makes the download speeds fast.


In the TV series section you can find popular torrents and before downloading you can acquire information like file size, upload date, and uploader name.

It’s worth noting that after a few clicks, iDope might open a new advertisement tab so simply close it and Download TV Shows.

7. LimeTorrents (All-In-One TV Torrents Repository)

LimeTorrents is a feature-packed Torrent Site For TV Shows where you can even find regional content, for example, Spanish TV Series.

Unlike other websites on the list, LimeTorrents won’t bombard you with advertisements. Additionally, the UI of LimeTorrents is clean and easy to navigate making it ideal for beginners.


In the TV Shows Torrents section you can find and download the top 100 torrents or even search for any specific show.

LimeTorrents has been around for well over a decade now and it has been targeted many times. Consequently, if LimeTorrents is blocked for you then try out the LimeTorrents Proxy List.

8. Torrends (Popular TV Series Torrents Tracker)

Moving on we have a TV Shows Torrent Tracker that goes by the name Torrends. Well, Torrends is not an actual torrent site rather it functions as a torrent tracker and search engine.

You can rely on this website when you don’t find the content you’re looking for on mainstream torrenting sites.


Since Torrends indexes over 600 torrent sites, you can easily find TV shows in different languages and from different genres.

Lastly, the highly polished interface of Torrends makes the entire process of downloading torrents a bliss.

9. GloTorrents (Recently Aired TV Shows Torrents) 

In comparison to the other Web Show Torrent Websites on the list, GloTorrents is quite new. However, it still offers well over 1.5 million torrents.

On the homepage of GloTorrents, you can search for your favorite shows and download them straight away. GloTorrents also allows users to filter out dead torrents and only showcase active transfers thereby saving time.


GloTorrents also offers detailed information coupled with screenshots of every TV Torrent on the website.

The Uploader Reputation points present on the site can also help you judge whether an uploader is legit or not. Overall it’s a great website for TV shows.

10. TorLock (Verified TV Series Torrents)

Next up we have TorLock. Since TorLock only lists verified torrents you can freely download anything from this website without worrying about viruses.

TorLock is so serious about fake torrents that if you track and inform about fake torrents on the site you will be rewarded $1 for every fake torrent.


In addition to TV Shows this popular entertainment torrent site also offers music, anime, eBooks, and movie torrents.

The content library of TorLock has well over four million torrents and the website has quite impressive download speeds.

11. KAT (Trusted Torrent Site For TV Series) 

Next on the list of TV series torrents we have another tried and trusted website i.e. Kickass Torrents. The website we are mentioning is not the original Kickass Torrents as it was taken down.

Rather, KickAss Torrents is a completely new website that is owned and operated by a group of original KickassTorrent staff members.


KAT has a very well-developed and clean UI. Since the website offers a humongous selection of over 16 million torrent files you can easily find and download any popular TV Show like The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and many more.

If you’re unable to access KAT then feel free to check out the Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives and working Kickass Proxy Sites.

12. ISO Hunt (TV Series Torrent Client) 

ISO Hunt is another feature-packed website for TV series torrents. Similar to other sites on the list ISO Hunt has a clean and easy to navigate interface.

ISO Hunt

The library of Series & TV Torrents on ISO Hunt is regularly updated with new episodes and latest releases.

For using ISO Hunt you can download the ISO Hunt client on your PC and directly download content from their websit.

13. TorrentFunk (Ad-Free TV Shows Torrent Site)

Last, on the list of Torrent Sites For TV Shows we have TorrentFunk. The website has been in existence for almost a decade now and the recent makeover has almost removed all of the annoying ads on the site.

Torrent Freak

On this website, you can find a great library of magnet links for direct downloads. Additionally, there’s a dedicated section for Television Shows.

Almost every torrent on TorrentFunk is verified and before downloading anything you can check out the user ratings.

How To Safely Download TV Shows From Torrenting Sites?

Using any of the aforementioned websites search and locate the TV Show that you want to download. Once that’s done follow these simple steps,

TV Shows Torrent Download

STEP 1: Firstly download the torrent or copy the magnet link with good seeder/leecher ratio from your preferred TV Series Torrent Site.

STEP 2: Once downloaded open the magnet link using any mainstream and reliable Torrent Client.

STEP 3: Next select the download location on your PC and press OK.

Once that’s done your download will start and the TV show will be saved.

Best Torrent Sites For TV Shows FAQs

What Are The Best Torrent Sites?

Some of the best torrent sites are 1337X, YTS, The Pirate Bay, iDope, LimeTorrents, KAT, and TorLock. Using these websites you can download tv show torrents.

Is It Illegal To Torrent TV Shows?

Torrenting is a completely legal process. However, downloading and re-distributing copyrighted content like TV Shows using the BitTorrent protocol is illegal and should be avoided at all costs.

You can download TV Shows using uTorrent from TV Series Torrent Sites like Torrent Downloader, 1337X, YTS, The Pirate Bay, iDope, KAT, and TorLock.


So these were some of the Best Torrent Sites For TV Shows that are worth checking out.

In addition to these torrent sites, you can also use torrent search engines like Torrentz to download web series and shows easily.

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