Snapchat expands its ChatGPT-based ‘My AI’ to all users

Instant messaging app Snapchat on Wednesday announced that it has made its customizable AI-powered chatbot ‘My AI’ available for free within the app to all users globally at the Snap Partner Summit 2023.

“My AI,” an AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, was initially introduced in February and was exclusive to Snapchat+ users, a subscription service that costs users $3.99/month.

The in-app chatbot will now be available to everyone for free and has the functionality to reply to users’ queries with messages and fully AI-generated images.

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According to a Snap Inc. news release, Snapchat+ subscribers have been enjoying “My AI” and so far sent nearly 2 million chat messages per day that allows them to learn about movies, sports, pets, and the world around them.

“With more people using AR every day, our team has been pushing the boundaries of how AR experiences are created. Through advancements in machine learning, AR can be created incredibly fast, look more realistic than ever before, and unleash exciting creative possibilities for our community,” Snap Inc. said in a press release.

The My AI app has now been rolled out with brand-new features. For instance, the in-app chatbot now gets a custom Bitmoji along with a name so that you can start chatting with it. Snap will allows users to change the look and name of their bot with a custom avatar.

Further, you can easily bring My AI into any of your group chats. You can do so by simply mentioning it with an @ symbol and asking a question on behalf of the group. Everyone in the group is made aware when an AI has entered the chat by adding a sparkle next to its name.

Since My AI is integrated into other features of the app, the in-app chatbot can offer suggestions and recommendations taken from the Snap Map and suggest relevant Lenses. For example, you can ask My AI to suggest weekend activities for your family or get the perfect Lens recommendation to wish a friend a happy birthday.

Additionally, the Snapchat community can send Snaps to My AI and receive a chat reply. Also, soon Snapchat+ subscribers will be able to Snap My AI and get a unique generative Snap back that keeps the visual conversation going!

While AI chatbots have grown in popularity, so have concerns about them sometimes providing inaccurate information or responding with harmful responses.

Snapchat acknowledges that My AI is “far from perfect” but the company has made a lot of progress, it says in a blog post. For example, 99.5% percent of the chatbot’s responses conform to Snapchat’s community guidelines.

The instant messaging platform has worked to improve by:

  • Programming My AI to adhere to our community guidelines to help protect against responses that could be inappropriate or harmful.
  • Implementing a new age signal using a Snapchatter’s birthdate, so the chatbot will consistently take their age into consideration.
  • Adding additional moderation technology, which will allow us to assess the severity of potentially harmful content and temporarily restrict Snapchatters’ access to My AI if they misuse the service.
  • Preparing to incorporate My AI into our in-app parental tools, Family Center, which will allow caregivers to see if their teens are chatting with My AI and how often.

The company added that it will “continue to use these early learning to make AI a more safe, fun and useful experience.”

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