13DL Shuts Down, 3 Best Alternatives

If you’re an active part of the manga torrent community then you might know that 13DL is Japan’s largest manga piracy site.

Unfortunately, 13DL has been officially shut down after a DMCA subpoena required CDN provider Cloudflare to uncover the identity of the site’s operator.

Soon after a written order to attend a court of law was issued, Japan’s largest manga piracy site 13DL stopped releasing new content.

After the uploads were stopped, the site’s operator confirmed that the site has shut down forever. You will be surprised to know that 13DL had 25 million monthly visits, mainly from Japan.

This website relied on external file-hosting platforms such as RapidGator, TakeFile, Novafile, WupFile, and HexUpload for distributing manga.

After the shutdown, 13DL shared a final gift which was a file containing download links to 180,000 pirated manga.

The Japanese anti-piracy group CODA stated that,

“CODA, in cooperation with the rights holders, attorney Nakajima, and ethical hackers, is currently requesting procedures from a local law firm in Scandinavia, where the cyberlocker is believed to operate, in order to promptly file a sender information disclosure request regarding the distribution of the ‘final present’.

Best 13DL Alternatives

In this section, we have shared some of the Best Manga Sites that can act as 13DL Alternatives that are worth checking out,

1. Manga Plus

First, on the list of sites like 13DL, we have Manga Plus. Owned and operated by Shueisha Inc. Manga Plus allows users to read Manga online for free.

Yes, you read that right the website is completely legal and free as it relies on advertisements for revenue. The in-built reader is quite easy to navigate and it has a three-page resolution – low, medium, and high.

2. Comic Walker

Next up we have another 13DL Alternative that goes by the name Comic Walker. As the name suggests, you can find both comics and manga on Comic Walker.

Once again there’s no need to create an account or pay any subscription fee to use Comic Walker. To search for your favorite Manga you can use its title or the artist.

3. Shonen Jump

Lastly, we have Shonen Jump. On this manga site, you can read over 10,000 chapters across different Manga titles.

Some mainstream Mangas available on Shonen Jump are Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, Haikyu, and many more.

Lastly, if you love watching Anime then feel free to check out Best Anime Torrent Websites.

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