PITAKA Released Its Limited Edition Pixel Game Case for iPhone 14 and Galaxy S23

Several brands make aramid fiber phone cases nowadays. PITAKA is one of the very first brands to make phone case using the military-grade material, aramid fiber. And they’ve been developing new technologies to weave aramid fiber to produce phone cases of incredible designs over the years.

Recently, PITAKA released the second version of its Weaving+ limited edition phone case series, the Pixel Game, which showcases the aesthetics of pixel art and the style of retro games.

Inspiration for Pixel Game

Pitaka Inspiration for Pixel Game

We’ve all been obsessed with Super Mario or games alike. Those characters, formed in graphical software where images are built using pixels as the only building block, have brought us so much joy.

There were numerous challenges along the journey, and we failed many times. But with every move we make, we may encounter something nice unexpectedly or learn something.

PITAKA wanted to use the pixel game image to encourage people to enjoy the journey, embrace everything ahead, and remember every move is nice.

Beautiful Design

Pitaka Design

The pattern appears as a warrior and an elf images in blue among greenish pixels. It may look simple but note that the pattern is not formed through drawing or printing. It’s entirely woven out of aramid fiber fabrics using Fusion Weaving™ and jacquard weaving techniques.

Fusion Weaving is a technique that PITAKA developed about two years ago to weave colorful aramid fiber threads on the same loom to have colorful and intricate patterns appear on the same fabric. No other brands or manufacturers can do that by far.

The complicated and time-consuming weaving process makes the design unique and aesthetically pleasing while offering excellent grip and texture.

Built to Last

Pitaka Pixel Game Case Durable

In case you are not familiar with aramid fiber, it’s a military-grade material that’s extremely lightweight yet durable. Also, aramid fiber is chemically stable, so the case can hold up for years.

Additionally, it’s scratch and sweat resistant and easy to clean. If you find it catches fingerprint, simply wipe it out with tissue or damp cloth.

The Thinnest MagSafe Case

Pitaka Thinnest MagSafe Case

The Pixel Game phone case is available for iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S23 Ultra. They all feature an ultra-slim construction with MagSafe capability.

That’s right. Even the S23 Ultra case is MagSafe compatible. PITAKA has been known for making some of the lightest and thinnest phone cases in the world. The Pixel Game series uses their proprietary technology MagSafe SlimBoard™ to keep the case as slim as possible even with a built-in MagSafe array.

The case is about 1m thick and weighs between 20 to 30g. It protects your phone from scratches and scuffs without adding bulk. That said, its MagSafe attachment is pretty much the same as the original Apple MagSafe cases.

Only 2,500 Pixel Game cases are available worldwide. So buy it from the PITAKA official website now before it’s gone.

By the way, PITAKA also offers free wallpapers of the same pixel game style to complement the unique phone case.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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