Stellar Cyber’s OpenXDR Platform Now Available On Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Silicon Valley-based cybersecurity company, Stellar Cyber, announced today that their OpenXDR platform is now accessible to those that use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Customers who have adopted the cloud and seek simpler and smarter solutions to improve their security can now purchase Stellar Cyberr’s platform via the Oracle Cloud Marketplace,  applying Oracle Universal Credits (OUCs) toward the purchase price.

How does OpenXDR technology help businesses to better manage the security of their cloud structures, and what does this new partnership mean for Oracle Cloud users?

Capabilities of Stellar Cyber’s OpenXDR Platform

Stellar Cyber has developed Open Extended Detection and Response (OpenXDR) to facilitate security for both companies facing a large volume of attacks and overwhelmed security professionals.

To achieve this, it unites the capabilities of several tools that are essential for security — many of which used to be incompatible. Some of the security solutions that are currently integrated into the platform are NextGen SIEM and Network Detection and Response (NDR).

One of the key issues that the company has focused on since its beginning is the large quantity of data that is incoming from versatile incompatible security tools.

Today, the issue of having to manage and make sense of large amounts of data is more emphasized than ever before.


Because organizations have added more security points to their systems — mostly to protect the new cloud technology that is now a regular part of their network.

For instance, the data management solution integrated within OpenXDR can gather insights that are generated from versatile tools the platform supports.

To make the reports more accurate and comprehensive, it can correlate the findings gathered from the tools it supports.

As a result, the professionals retain visibility of ever-growing attack surfaces and get correct as well as actionable reports on the state of security in real-time. This helps them to react to sophisticated threats early — before they escalate into major security incidents.

The tools that can be found under Stellar Cyber’s umbrella platform are AI and machine-learning-powered.

This means that they promptly and automatically mitigate well-known threats, but they continually learn about the company and use the findings to detect anomalies early.

Also, they’re available from a single dashboard since the platform unites the capabilities of versatile previously siloed solutions in one place.

For those that already use Oracle Cloud, the new collaborations mean they’ll now have the capabilities of the OpenXDR platform at their disposal as well.

“Stellar Cyber is committed to providing the critical capabilities security teams need to deliver consistent security outcomes—all for a single license and price on a single platform,” said Jim O’Hara, Chief Revenue Officer at Stellar Cyber. “This simple yet comprehensive model makes it easy for customers to measure how our Open XDR platform dramatically impacts their security ROI.”

Now Available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has always been oriented towards helping businesses adopt the cloud in as safe a way as possible — whether that means they have complex multi-cloud structures or rely on a public cloud.

Oracle allows organizations to take full advantage of flexible and cost-effective cloud technology to grow their companies.

At the same time, it protects companies against damaging data breaches, guarding the data stored in the cloud.

Adding Stellar Cyber’s OpenXDR platform to existing cloud security adds another layer to cloud protection.

“We designed OCI with a security-first mindset, which is one of the many reasons why enterprises continue to trust Oracle with their data,” said David Hicks, Group Vice President, Worldwide ISV Cloud Business Development, Oracle. “Stellar Cyber on OCI provides our joint customers with an industry-leading Open XDR solution to manage their cloud security posture and help protect their data.”

For customers of either Stellar Cyber’s OpenXDR or Oracle’s OCI, the collaboration brings an intuitive solution that is designed to make security less complex.

“We find that OCI is a user-friendly platform, which correlates directly to our commitment to making security operations simpler,” said Andrew Homer, VP of Strategic Alliances for Stellar Cyber. “We are excited to work with OCI to deliver the security solutions our shared customers require and trust.”

Businesses that integrate OpenXDR into their cloud infrastructure will have a simpler and intuitive yet more advanced way to manage their security at all times.

Customers can now buy OpenXDR and add it to their cloud protection arsenal via Oracle Cloud Marketplace — using the Oracle Universal Credits.

The Future of Cloud Security

As most businesses today rely on cloud infrastructures, they have become acutely aware of all the dangers that lurk behind a poorly secured cloud.

Users are tired of hearing about high-profile data breaches following illicit user access or misconfigured cloud.

Besides having the proper cloud protection, organizations know that it’s essential to regularly manage their security within an ever-shifting cloud environment.

Yet, that has been a challenge.

Users choose Oracle to make cloud protection more streamlined, reduce the possibility of data breaches, and make security less complex within their scaling systems and networks.

A new addition to the OCI, Stellar Cyber’s OpenXDR, is in tune with other available tools that can be found within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

The united functionalities of OpenXDR will help more companies make sense of the large quantity of data that they get from a large number of security tools.

OpenXDR’s continual threat detection and analytics ensure that security teams stay on top of things within the unique context of their company’s cloud environment. It helps them to keep their security up to date and manage it starting from fixing the critical issues first.

Organizations that purchase the capabilities of OpenXDR that are now accessible at Oracle’s Marketplace will introduce a new way of reducing the number of hacking incidents and harmful data breaches.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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