10 Best Windows 8/8.1 Themes & Background Skins

Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are two of the most customizable operating systems released by Microsoft.

With feature-packed themes and background skins, you can customize the wallpaper, icons, start menu, and even system sounds.

The Windows 8.1 Themes shared in this article, will drastically improve the looks of your Windows 8/8.1 PC or laptop.

So these are some of the Best Themes For Windows 8.1 that are worth checking out.

How To Use Windows 8.1 Themes?

Unlike Windows 7, for installing any third-party theme on your Windows 8/8.1 PC you’ll have to patch the UxTheme.dll file on your computer.


Consequently, download and install UxTheme Multi-Patcher. While installing check the box that says Aero Glass Transparency hack for Windows 8/8.1.

Additionally, keep Set Windows X’s Live as default home page unchecked.

As soon as the installation is completed restart your PC.

Best Windows 8/8.1 Themes

1. Ambient


First on the list of Awesome Windows 8.1 Themes For Your Computer, we have Ambient. The name says it all, Ambient is a minimal and clean blue color-oriented theme.

Ambient doesn’t heavily modify the interface of Windows 8/8.1. Consequently, if you have been accustomed to the original UI of Windows 8.1 you will feel right at home.

Coupling Ambient with high-quality sky-based wallpaper can’t really go wrong. Overall, Ambient offers style coupled with simplicity.


2. Abisso 2014 

abisso 2014

If you are on the lookout for the Best Dark Theme For Windows 8.1 then Abisso 2014 will definitely impress you.

Abisso blacks out the entire Windows 8/8.1 user interface and things like text and interface elements are in different shades of white and blue.

In comparison to other themes shared in this article, Abisso offers a limited amount of customizations and some legacy programs don’t display blacked-out windows.


3. Aero Glow 8.1

aero glow

Next on the list of Best Windows 8.1 Themes we have Aero Glow 8.1. This theme is ideal for anyone who misses the smooth transitions, desktop widgets, and user interface present in Windows 7.

Additionally, Aero Glow 8.1 offers plenty of features and customization options.

Apart from Aero Glow, there’s a dark version of Aero as well that goes by the name, Aero Dark. Feel free to try it out if you prefer Dark Windows 8.1 Themes & Skins.


4. Windows 10 Theme

Windows 10 Theme

If you ever wanted to try out Windows 10 on your Windows 8.1 PC then Windows 10 Theme will definitely impress you.

As the name suggests, with this theme you can replicate the entire user interface, taskbar, start menu, and a majority of features present in Windows 10.

To apply the Windows 10 Theme on your Windows 8.1 PC simply copy the theme files in “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes” and then select it from Personalization.


5. Simplify 8 Theme

Simplify 8

Simplify 8 Theme is another great Minimalistic Theme that’s quite popular among Windows 10 Themes. Luckily, Simplify 8 is also available for Windows 8/8.1.

The clean and easy-to-navigate interface of the Simplify 8 theme may even help in increasing your productivity and keeping your desktop clean.

Pairing Simplify Theme with gradient-colored wallpapers will definitely enhance the look.


6. 8 Plus

8 Plus

Next on the list of Best Windows 8.1 Themes we have 8 Plus. Using 8 Plus, you can enhance both the looks and functionality of the vanilla Windows 8 OS.

8 Plus borrows a majority of Theme elements from the popular Windows 7 Aero Theme. This theme has received numerous updates in the past to iron out a majority of bugs and issues.

As a result, it’s in a completely flawless state right now and it will offer a refreshing interface upgrade to your computer.


7. Bel Minimal

Bel Minimal

Bel Minimal is one of the Best Minimal Windows 8 Themes that somewhat resembles the Ubuntu operating system.

The theme is ideal for a majority of casual users as it’s easy to customize and has a clean user interface. To apply this theme you can once again copy the theme files in “C:\Windows\Resources\Themes”.

Since Bel Minimal also supports custom skins you can change the theme elements to match different events like Christmas and make it a Christmas Theme.


8. Soft Glass 8

Soft Glass 8

Soft Glass 8 is a transparent theme for Windows 8.1 that looks very decent and is quite minimal as well.

In comparison to the default Windows 8.1 Theme, Soft Glass 8 doesn’t really change many things rather it acts as an enhancement to the default theme.

Based on your preference you can customize things like navigation buttons, transparency levels, and much more.


9. Blaze


Blaze is another popular Theme Pack for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Since Blaze is a theme pack, it consists of a dark theme, a light theme, and a theme that’s a blend of both dark and light.

Depending on the skin you choose, the icons will also turn into a beautiful dark/light finish. Similar to 8 Plus, Blaze has also undergone several revisions and it’s in a perfect stage right now.

On the download page of Blaze, you can also find a detailed installation guide that might come in handy.


10. Snowy8

Snowy 8

Last on the list of Free Windows 8/8.1 Themes For You To Download we have a cool and minimal theme that goes by the name Snowy8.

The primary objective of this Windows 8 Skin is to make your desktop look clean and refreshing. Snowy8 offers glass borders for all programs coupled with loads of customization options.

Using Snowy8 you can have smooth Windows animations, a colorful taskbar, and visually impressive wallpapers.


Best Windows 8/8.1 Themes FAQs

Does Windows 8.1 Have A Dark Theme?

Yes, there are many great dark themes for Windows 8.1, like Abisso 2014.

What Are The Best Windows 8/8.1 Themes? 

Some of the best Windows 8/8.1 themes are Simplify8 Theme, Soft Glass 8, Aero Glow 8.1, and 8 Plus.

Does Windows 8.1 Support Themes? 

Yes, Windows 8.1 does support themes. However, before installing any theme on Windows 8.1 you need to to patch the UxTheme.dll file on your computer. To do so download and install UxTheme Multi-Patcher.


So these were some of the Best Free Windows 8/8.1 Themes For You To Download.

If you have any recommendations for Best Windows 8 Themes, Visual Styles, And Skins, then feel free to let us know on our socials.

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