Winception by Tiny10 Dev is a Nesting Dream for Windows

Most of us focussed on running a Windows version on the virtual machine. Mainly worried about whether it will hit the resources ceiling and crash the computer.

But NTDEV, the developer behind Tiny10 and Tiny11, decided to push the limits by running multiple versions of Windows inside each other.

Showcasing his long promised experiment, NTDEV demoed running Windows 7 running on Windows 8 running on Windows 8.1 running on Windows 10 running on Windows 11.

And no, that’s not a mistake. You can check their YouTube video to see the nested virtualization in action.

NTDEV further clarified that they were able to perform nested virtualization on VMWare alongside an AMD CPU.

And in the video posted on YouTube, the developer showed a live demo of Windows 10 running in Windows 11, and then Windows 8.1 on Windows 10, and then Windows 8 inside Windows 8.1

But it did not stop there. Then the video showed Windows 7 running on Windows 8. All of them are inside individual virtual machines one inside another.

Did it Lagg?

The RAM and CPU usage was particularly lower as NTDEV went inside each operating system. But they definitely notice “sluggishness” after starting Windows 7 inside Windows 8.

That was the signal for the experiment to stop.

This fun experiment showed how far virtualization has progressed over the years. Your processors are more than capable of nested virtualization without hitting the wall of technological limitations.

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Amaan Rizwan
Amaan Rizwan
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