Meta-owned Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app, on Friday, started rolling out a new feature that allows users to create their own personalized “Add Yours” templates. This feature lets users add GIFs, text and gallery images to their Story templates to make it more engaging and fun for their followers to participate in.

“Today, we rolled out the ability to create your own Add Yours templates. You’ll be able to develop and share your own custom, meme-able templates by pinning GIFs, text, and gallery images – and template creators will be credited when others participate in the trend,” Instagram head Adam Mosseri shared about the feature in his IG Updates Broadcast Channel on Instagram.

“We hope this gives people more ways to express their creativity in Stories and share what’s on their mind. Check it out, and let me know what you think.”

To create an Add Yours template, start by uploading a Story and add elements like GIFs, text, and images from the gallery that you want to include. Then, go to your Sticker Tray and tap on the “Add Yours Templates” sticker, and select and pin the different elements (text, images, and GIFs) you want in the template before sharing. By doing this, no one can edit the elements in your template.

Once you share the “Add Yours” template in your Story, anyone can view the elements you have used in your template by tapping on the “Add Yours” sticker and choosing the specific elements they wish to pin. Also, it is important to note that users who want to share the template cannot modify the selected elements but can add their own distinctive styles.


The new “Add Yours” Template feature has started rolling out on Friday and should be available to Instagram users globally very soon.


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