How to Find IP Address from Facebook Photo?

Looking for how to find IP address from Facebook photo?

Facebook is a Social media platform that has proven to be one of the best for connecting and communicating with people over the internet.

Given the diverse interactions on the platform, there may be a need to find the IP address of a user on Facebook through their photo.

This interest in obtaining someone’s IP address could stem from a curiosity about their location without direct inquiry.

In some cases, it could be driven by concerns such as potential deception on the Facebook marketplace or the need to verify the authenticity of someone’s claims.

Continue reading as we explore the topic and provide insights into discovering a user’s IP address on Facebook.

Can I Find the IP Address from Facebook Photo?

Facebook prioritizes user privacy and doesn’t give access to a user’s information unless the individual has willingly shared such details.

Hence, extracting geotags from Facebook photo metadata proves nearly impossible. To answer the question above, it’s not possible to obtain an IP address from a Facebook photo unless the individual has opted to share their location.

However, if you are determined to find someone’s IP address or location on Facebook, there are practical methods available, which we will delve into in the following section of this article.

How Can I Find the IP Address from Facebook Photo?

While Facebook has an option that shows where people live, not everyone adds it to their profile. But to stress you, you can visit the person you are trying to find their IP address profile and see if they have their location included.

On the flip side, if the person is not trustworthy – probably they act shady they may have input the wrong address or not even put any location – you can use the following methods to figure out their IP address/location:

Method 1. Use Platforms like Grabify

Using an IP grabber is an effective way to get a person’s IP address, but it requires you to lure them into clicking the IP grabber link.

This approach works by logging the IP address of anyone who clicks a particular link. With that, you can get the IP address, ISP, and the proximal location from which the person is chatting.

Here is how to go about using this approach:

  1. Visit an IP grabber platform like Grabify and input the URL you want the person to visit, say a link to one of their photos.
  2. Click on Create URL, then hit the I Agree & Create URL option.
  3. On the resulting page (Link Information page), copy the new URL. That’s the IP grabber link that has to be clicked by the user you want to find their IP address.
  4. Next, go to Facebook and try to engage the person you want to get his/her IP address in a chat so that they won’t find the IP grabber link you will later send to them suspicious.
  5. Send the link to them, and it will redirect them to the URL you input on Grabify earlier, hence, log their IP address.
  6. You can now go back to the Link Information page on Grabify and refresh the page to see the updated log of the IP address of the person you shared the IP grabber link with.

Now, you have what you are looking for.

Method 2. Location Tags from the person’s profile

Sometimes, users on Facebook tag their locations in their posts.

So if you are a friend of the person you are trying to find his/her location or the person has made their profile public, you can go to their profile and do check on the location they usually tag to find their possible location address.

Can you find out who is behind a fake Facebook profile?

Usually, it is hard to find the person behind a fake Facebook profile if the person behind the profile ensures they don’t disclose their personal information.

You may try the IP-grabbing approach discussed in this article to find the real location of a user, but that will only give you their real location if the person is not using a VPN.

It is, however, worth a shot.

What should I do to a fake Facebook account?

As soon as you notice an account is fake on Facebook, report the account.

This is to prevent other users from falling victim of such an account on Facebook.

Wrap Up

This article has discussed practical ways to get IP Addresses of users on Facebook.

You should be aware that in most cases, IP address only gives you the proximal location of a person, but that could give you a direction toward what you are looking for.

We hope we have been able to help you with the information provided in this piece.

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