Nyaa Proxy List 2024 – Proxy/Mirror/Alternatives

Nyaa Torrents is a BitTorrent website with one of the biggest collections of anime-related torrent content.

Nyaa Torrents could be blocked in your region by the ISP or the government because of legal issues.

However, you can unblock Nyaa.se by using the proxy sites.

We have compiled a list of the best Nyaa proxy sites to download Anime torrents.

You can also explore the best Nyaa mirror sites. They work like a replica of the original Nyaa torrent site.

Best Nyaa Proxy list for 2024

Best Nyaa Proxy ListStatus
https://nyaa.siOnline – Updated
https://nyaa.digitalOnline – rerouted
https://sukebei.nyaa.siOnline – updated
Click on the link to open the Nyaa proxy site

Nyaa Mirror List 2024

Copy the Nyaa mirror site address and paste it into the browser to unblock Nyaa.

  • https://nyaatorrents.info
  • https://nyaa-proxy.vercel.app
  • https://nyaa.siteunblocked.info
  • https://fap.iss.one

How to use the Nyaa Proxy site?

Click on any of the Nyaa proxy sites from the table, and it will open in the new browser tab. You can open it from any device.

Nyaa Proxy sites

If it is not opening on its own, you can copy and paste it into the browser’s address bar.

Alternate ways to open Nyaa Proxy

When all the Nyaa proxies are blocked for you, you can use these apps to unblock them.

1. ProxySite

Paste the Nyaa Proxy site and click GO to unblock the proxy site. You can then download anime without any problem.

2. Opera

If you regularly download Anime, then you can use the Opera browser’s built-in VPN. You can unblock Nyaa and its proxy with the multi-location servers.

3. Ultrasurf

You can also launch Ultrasurf and unblock Nyaa on any browser. It creates a proxy server to access Nyaa and other blocked sites.

How Does Nyaa Proxy Work?

Nyaa proxy works by adding a third party to the connection. When you enter the Nyaa proxy site address in the browser, it goes to a proxy server that doesn’t say “Nyaa” but something generic.

How nyaa proxy site works

From there, it goes to the original Nyaa site. Then, it sends back the data to the proxy server, which returns the data to our device.

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Best Nyaa Alternatives

1. Subsplease

Subsplease is arguably the best Nyaa alternative available. You can download the latest Anime from the search results.

Search for an Anime and download it right away through the magnet links. Click on the video quality, and it will start downloading.

2. Anidex

Anidex goes one step further and lets you download using the search results, through magnet links and torrent files.

Search for an Anime and download it right away through the magnet links. Click on the video quality, and it will start downloading.

Use the Quick Search bar to find your preferred anime, with the option to filter out content unsuitable for all audiences.

Additionally, you can download the newest Manga in .cbz format for offline reading. Light novels are mostly available in English and Japanese.

3. AnimeTosho

AnimeTosho is a great choice, just like NYAA. There are no ads or trackers here, so you won’t be bogged down by them.

It has an active online group and offers many free anime downloads.

Here, most of the anime torrents are sourced from different sites. You have one of the largest collections here.

4. TokyoTosho

Another amazing alternative to Nyaa is TokyoTosho. Similar to AnimeTosho, you won’t find ads here to bug you.

Click on the search result, and the torrent file will be downloaded to your device. For the magnet link, go to the details of the anime torrent.

The search bar has limited but useful features. You can search by minimum or maximum size, along with category-specific scanning.

In addition, you can search the comments of the torrent listing by a specific keyword.

5. Erai-raws

You need to log in to access the anime torrents on Erai-raws. This Nyaa alternative is for niche and independent anime.

You can explore an alphabetical list of anime to find new content to watch. Otherwise, you can always use the search option to find what you are looking for.

Erai-raws has a weekly episode section. You can follow it to watch anime as it is aired in Japan.

Note: Techworm and its authors do not encourage or promote the use of torrents to download content illegally. Use them at your own risk.

Use Nyaa Proxy sites now

These are the best Nyaa proxy and mirror sites. Use them to download games, movies, apps and other kinds of torrents.

If you come across a new Nyaa proxy site, let us know via the comment section. We will include it in the table.

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