13 Best IO Games in 2024

Modern games pack too much realism, mind-boggling graphics, and a massive campaign.

But sometimes, you need something easy to play that doesn’t require too much attention or a dedicated gaming PC/console.

Remember the browser games that were popular a decade back? They featured simple mechanics and didn’t need a powerful PC to play.

That’s where the best IO games come in. They are simple, fun, and are playable via any web browser.

You can play it on your phone, and even your low-end laptop from ten years back can handle it.

What are IO games?

The term IO games can be a bit confusing because most of the website URLs of these games end with the “.io” extension.

In simple terms, IO games are online games that you can play in a web browser. They can feature both multiplayer and single-player modes.

This genre emerged when the first ever IO game called “Agar.io” launched in 2015. Since then, multiple free IO games have launched, each with their eccentricities.

But some IO game websites can have different domain extensions like “.com” and “.co”.

Here are the thirteen best IO games that you can play right now.

Best IO Games

1. Agar.io

The best IO games list is incomplete without Agar.io because this became a trendsetter for the genre.

It is a straightforward game where you are a cell and must eat other cells to grow.

All you need to do is drag the cell towards the food and keep eating them. But beware of other cells that can eat you up if they are bigger.

agar.io game

It offers five game modes, and you can sign up to compete with others and rank high on the leaderboard.

You can invite your friends to join the party and compete with each other.

2. Hole.io

Like Agar.io, Hole.io employs a similar concept of an action MMO game. Here, you have to direct a hole to eat objects shown on the screen.

You can devour pedestrians, street objects, and even vehicles as the hole grows in size. The enormous hole can eat up other smaller players, so beware.

hole IO game

We liked Hole.io because it didn’t need any sign-up and offers team vs team, monster, and a single-player mode.

If you are searching for a good battle royale IO game, this won’t disappoint.

3. Slither.io

Remember the snake game that shipped with old Nokia phones? You get to relieve the same excitement with Slither.io.

It has impressive visuals, and you can adjust the graphics quality and skins. You can also build your own slither design and compete on leaderboards.

slither io game

Like the original game idea, the snake grows longer and becomes a battle to continue growing without getting eaten by others. Undoubtedly,

Slither.io is among the free IO games with the best graphics.

4. Moomoo.io

Are you looking for a survivalist IO game? Moomoo.io could be your next endeavor. Based on survivalist principles, you must use foraging skills to find items and upgrade inventory.

You can start building stuff and protect your turf by fighting with other players. It has a beautiful color palette and is easy to play.

agar.io game

Moomoo.io can easily consume hours as you get involved in territory protection, and it is a great IO game to pass the time.

5. Krunker.io

Krunker.io is an FPS IO game that puts you in the shoes of a shooter who must kill everyone else in the arena.

The controls are simple: fire the gun and avoid damage till you terminate them.

krunker FPS IO game

But Krunker also has a marketplace, and you can choose from several online multiplayer games.

Be it an action shooter, a squid game like survival arena, or more, Krunker has a little bit of everything.

6. Kirka.io

It’s another fun multiplayer shooter IO game that resembles Krunker, in some aspects. You start with a simple weapon and work your way upwards.

You can choose from seven game modes and twelve maps, which are enough to get you hooked.

kirka multiplayer shooter IO game

We spent hours trying to wipe out the enemy clan. All in all, a great FPS browser game for PC and mobile.

7. Starblast.io

Starblast.io is the most visually appealing game on our list. You get into the shoes of a spacefighter who has to maneuver his aircraft away from asteroids and mine them for resources.

But when your base is under attack, you must fight other spacecraft by gunning them down.

starblast action shooter IO game

This best action shooter IO game uses only the mouse for controlling movement, turns, and firing which can take a while to master.

8. Flappyroyale.io

Flappy Bird took the world by storm when it launched in 2012. Flappybird.io lets you relive that arcade-style experience with a new flavor.

It is a battle royale IO game where you compete with 99 other birds to score the highest. Despite being a very difficult-to-play game, you always end up trying once again.

flappyroyale arcade io game

But the website only shows a demo and you must download the IO game app on your phone (Android or iOS) to play it.

9. FridayNightFunkin.io

FridayNightFunkin.io is a musical rhythm game where you must hit every marker to make the player groove to the rhythm.

A series of wrong dance moves, and the game’s over.

fridaynightfunkin musical rhythm game

This arcade-style IO game has two modes: story and free play. There’s no multiplayer option, you can pick from seven levels with varying difficulty.

10. Powerline.io

Powerline.io is a new game made by the developers of Wings.io. The older game doesn’t seem to work anymore and takes a long time to connect to the server.

But Powerline.io has no such issues. There are always enough servers to play. You must grow the snake and avoid crashing with other snakes in the games.

powerline io game

The graphics are more like a retro 2D-style game and are inferior to Slither.io. But it is an excellent option if you are looking for unblocked IO games for school.

11. Brutal.io

Brutal.io is a drag-and-flick game where you latch a gear-shaped object to your car. After that, you must keep eating power balls to grow the gear-shaped object.

You can adjust the graphics quality but the game can be highly confusing.

brutal io arena game

You can play this free IO game on the web or download it from the Play Store.

12. Apes.io

Apes.io lets you play as a mercenary ape in a battle royale event. You need to kill dangerous birds while staying in the map area.

You can duck and roll or jump onto objects. Since the map is set in a jungle with ruins, there are multiple places to hide.

apes io fps game

As you progress on your journey, you will find more weapons that you can use to overpower other players. The graphics are average, but the multiplayer mode is fun.

13. ShellShockers.io

Unlike Krunken, ShellShockers.io lets you play as an egg who has to destroy other team members.

You can choose any weapon before entering the game, and even after you respwan in the game.

shell shockers

The controls are simple, and you must use both keyboard and mouse to wipe out the enemy team. No sign-up is needed to play.


These were the best free IO games you can play on a PC or Phone with your friends or solo.

You don’t need to sign up unless you want to register your name on the leaderboard.

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