Today’s Word Hurdle Answer (May 4 2024) – Daily Update

Getting the right Word Hurdle answer is difficult because you get only 6 chances, with so many possibilities.

Even with a superior vocabulary, it is not easy to win the word hurdle for the day. You have to strategize and pay attention.

So Word Hurdle drops a puzzle every 12 hours. You get one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Word Hurdle is inspired by Wordle, which is now owned by the New York Times publication. Some also call it Wordle 2.

It can be played by all age groups and on almost any device with the internet.

You will get the Word Hurdle answer for May 5, 2024, here, along with the hints.

In addition to that, you will get old hurdle answers to get a reference of what to expect in the puzzle.

Today’s Word Hurdle hints and clues (May 5, 2024)

Not able to guess today’s Word hurdle? then let us help you out with the hints and the answer.


First hintTwo vowels in the word
The first letter of the wordC
The last letter of the wordM


First hintTwo vowels in the word
The first letter of the wordS
The last letter of the wordN

Today’s Word Hurdle word of the day (May 5, 2024)

Here are today’s answers for Wordle Hurdle.

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Word Hurdle Puzzle

Yesterday’s Word Hurdle Word of the Day (May 4, 2024)

Here are yesterday’s answers for Wordle Hurdle.


Word Hurdle Answers of the Earlier Days

DateWord Hurdle Morning AnswerWord Hurdle Afternoon Answer
May 3, 2024 BudgetWinner
May 2, 2024 BeyondJunior
May 1, 2024ExceptEasily
April 30, 2024IncomeChosen
April 29, 2024WindowReplay
April 28, 2024StruckLaunch
April 27, 2024HandleTaught
April 26, 2024FoughtSwitch
April 25, 2024IntentSingle
April 24, 2024RepairEngine
April 23, 2024ReaderTrying
April 22, 2024NearbySafety
April 21, 2024CaughtFlight
April 20, 2024ModestCancer
April 19, 2024ThirstyDanger
April 18, 2024EthnicLatest
April 17, 2024ExpandCrisis
April 16, 2024DemandStrict
15 April, 2024Energy Length
14 April, 2024NoticeSpirit
13 April, 2024ChangeInvest
12 April, 2024SummitVision
11 April, 2024FiscalRaised
10 April, 2024DefendEquity
9 April, 2024WriterVictim
8 April, 2024MarkedWalker
7 April, 2024BottomMaster
6 April, 2024MillerSelect
5 April, 2024ReallyComin
4 April, 2024SignedBridge
3 April, 2024CircleNative
2 April, 2024MuseumClient
1 April, 2024Island Object
31 March, 2024OnlineFormat
30 March, 2024DamageManner
29 March, 2024SeriesMental
28 March, 2024ColumnSimply
27 March, 2024TennisComply
26 March, 2024PermitWorker
25 March, 2024HolderStrain

How to Play the Word Hurdle Game?

  • Go to the Word Hurdle site.
  • You will get five attempts to guess the Word Hurdle.
  • Start by typing a six-letter word. We would suggest a word with vowels.
  • After typing the first word, it will show how many you got right and what went wrong.
  • Blue means the right alphabet is in the correct position. Yellow means the correct letter but in the wrong position. Grey means it is the wrong word and no letter matches the answer.
  • You can click on the hint button to get clues for the right answer.

Best Word Hurdle Strategy

  • Begin with letters that are used a lot. Many words include vowels such as A, E, I, and O, and common consonants like T, N, S, R, and L. Using these letters first can help you figure out the word faster.
  • Mix vowels and consonants. Combining both types of letters helps you find which letters are in the word.
  • Don’t guess the same letter again at the beginning, unless you think the word might have that letter more than once.
  • Think about how the word is put together. For example, guess letters that usually come before Y if you know the word ends with a Y.

Start with the latest Word Hurdle Answer

We have listed the latest Word Hurdle answer, which you can use directly and win the puzzle on the first attempt.

That way you can show it off in your circle and boast about it on social media. It stays saved in the browser so your winning streak and past records will be available to check out.

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