Apple and Google Launch New Bluetooth Standard To Prevent Stalking

Bluetooth trackers debuted a few years back and are an excellent way to track your valuable belongings.

Like all promising tech innovations, they became prone to misuse when bad actors employed them to stalk other people.

However, Apple and Google worked on and recently released a new Bluetooth standard that will alert both Android and iPhone users when someone’s tailing them using a Bluetooth tracker.

The “Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers” Bluetooth standard will notify the users with the “[Item] Found Moving With You” alert on their phones.

Which Android and iOS Versions Support This Standard?

Apple mentioned in its official announcement post that it is implementing this capability in iOS 17.5. So, you must update your iOS device to the latest version. iOS 17.5 is available for iPhone XS and newer models.

Likewise, all Android devices running the OS version 6.0 or newer will support this new Bluetooth standard.

We appreciate Apple and Google’s effort to work together on this new standard, which both popular mobile operating systems can implement.

Previously, Apple released the ‘Tracker Detect’ app for Android users to help them find hidden AirTags.

If an unknown Bluetooth tracking device is seen moving with the user, you will receive an alert on your phone. The release notes show that you can view the tracker’s identifier on your phone.

You can force the hidden tracker to play the beep sound to identify its location. Since trackers are tiny and often very difficult to locate, the sound will guide you to its location. After that, you can use the instructions to disable the tracker.

Apple’s AirTag, Samsung’s SmartThings, and Tile will support this new Bluetooth standard.

Other competing brands in the intelligent tracker segment, like Chipolo, eufy, Jio, Motorola, and Pebblebee, will launch devices that comply with the new standard.

Curbing Stalking For Good

The new Bluetooth standard will curb the misuse of smart trackers for illegal purposes. After all, they are handy tools for tracking valuable items (keys, purses, backpacks).

The official announcement says, “Apple and Google will continue to work with the Internet Engineering Task Force via the Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers working group to develop the official standard for this technology.”

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