Hackers hack pro-Trump Super PAC’s website, post Make America S****y Again message

Hackers hack Donald Trump Super PAC website and deface it with 'Make America S****y Again' message

Hackers hack Donald Trump Super PAC website and deface it with ‘Make America S****y Again’ message

This article conveys all that is wrong with America. Ever since Donald Trump took over as the 45th President of the United States, the left-liberal cabal including the mainstream media like CNN, WaPo and NYT have been on a slander mission to discredit the democratically elected president. They are using protests which are often violent, fake news and seeking to defame presidential nominees for different posts.

Now the hackers have hacked a prominent Republican super PAC website promoting President Trump’s Cabinet nominees, according to a new report by CNN. The hackers vandalized several pages of the 45 Committee’s homepage, a group funded by GOP mega-donors Todd Ricketts and Sheldon Adelson.

Several titles were altered on the website’s menu bar. For instance, one read, “MAKE AMERICAN S****Y AGAIN,” while another was changed to read “FAKE NEWS.”

Earlier this week, the 45 Committee released a new ad pushing Trump’s Cabinet picks, while some key members like education nominee Betsy DeVos hang in peril of being rejected in the Senate. However, the group was forced to briefly take down its website after the widespread defacement of the site after hackers re-labelled various videos.

One was called “Betsy DeVos is Unqualified,” another was “Steve Bannon is a White Supremacist,” and “Jeff Sessions Was Deemed Too Racist To Be A Federal Judge.” Another video was changed to read: “Donald Trump’s history of misogyny, sexism, and harassment.”

While the 45 Committee’s website has returned online, the identity of the hackers behind the attack continues to remain unknown.

More than $4 million has been spent by the 45 Committee until now on broadcast and online ads praising Trump’s Cabinet nominees, according to CNN. The only saving grace is that the hackers have managed to post some truth on the defaced website. America was shit under President Obama and the hackers want to make it shitty again.

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Google Brazil hacked, unavailable to Brazilians

Google Brazil hacked through DNS hijacking, unavailable to users

Google Brazil hacked through DNS hijacking, unavailable to users

In what seems to a case of DNS hijacking, the Google’s Brazil website, was hacked by a lone hacker. This Google website hacking incident comes after Pakistani hackers had similarly hacked Google Bangladesh website in the 2nd week of December.

The Google Brazil was hacked by a hacker going by the online handle of “Kuroi’SH.” Kuroi’SH defaced the official Google Brazil domain earlier Tuesday afternoon and left a message on the hacked website for Google.

Google Brazil immediately tried to restore the hacked website but seemed unable to gain control as the domain, is still unavailable to visitors. According to reports in Brazil media, the Google Brazil users were getting the defaced message from Kuroi’SH for a whole 30 minutes before Google took the website offline. Other reports indicated that Kuroi’SH had also hacked and defaced Google Maps and  Google Translate Brazil domains but these reports were not independently confirmed.

Here is a full preview of the deface page “It is a great moment to die. Hacked by Kuroi’SH! Two Google at once, I don’t even care; f**k the jealous hates such as Nofawkx. Two Google at once world record idgaf :D. Greets to my friends Prosox & Shinobi h4xor.”

Google acknowledged the hacking through a tweet but refused to give reasons behind the hack.

Kuroi’SH told Hack Read that “By two Google domains I mean Google Paraguay domain since I was able to deface it as well but didn’t have time to make its mirror” When asked why did he deface the Google Brazil domain Kuroi’SH added that “Google brazil was defaced to show the world everything can be hacked and we should not underestimate our security risks.”

Kuroi’SH is not a new handle in the world of hacking. In 2015, he defaced NASA subdomains and left pro-Palestinian messages on their homepages.

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Indian hackers pay homage to 26/11 Mumbai attack martyrs by hacking 200 Pakistani websites

200 Pakistani websites hacked by Indian hackers to pay homage to the victims of deadly 26/11 Mumbai attacks

200 Pakistani websites hacked by Indian hackers to pay homage to the victims of deadly 26/11 Mumbai attacks

Both India and Pakistan share a very acrimonious past as well as present however one issue that unites India is the gruesome 26/11 terror attacks on Mumbai which claimed lives of 257 innocent Mumbaikars. The attacks are believed to be conducted from Pakistan however the Pakistani government has still not taken action against the perpetrators despite providing evidence about their involvement.
On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the attacks, Indian hackers found out a new way of expressing their anger against Pakistan for perpetrating the attacks by hacking 200 plus Pakistani websites.
The sites hacked by the hackers include the website of Lashkar-e-Taiba which is believed to one of the prime non state actor in the 26/11 attacks. According to reports Indian hackers carried out planned mass defacement of key Pakistani websites to pay “homage to the martyrs of Mumbai 26/11 attacks”. The Indian hackers replaced the defaced pages of the compromised sites with the Indian Tricolor or pictures of the 26/11 martyrs and patriotic songs playing in the background.

An underground hacker told MAIL TODAY, “We have hacked over 200 Pakistani websites today. It was done to send across a message to the perpetrators that India won’t sit back. We are not seeking any monetary benefits. They took the life of innocents on this day, so 26/11 is the ideal time to convey this message when our brave soldiers laid down their lives for the country.”

As stated above, an Indian hacker whose handle is Godzilla hacked both websites of Lashkar-e-Taiba on 26/11 yesterday. The defaced page carried the following message from Godzilla for one of the prime accused of 26/11 terror attacks

“>Hacked by Godzilla..

Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, its a promise from our side you will not stay in Pakistan for a longer time.

To stupid ISI and Pakistan Army stop supporting such people,

Sher kabhi chupkar shikar nahi karte, Buzdil kabhi khulkar war nahi karte

Its upto you to decide on which side you are..

Bande Hain Hum Uske Hum Pe Kiska Zor..

Allah Hu Akbar

Greetz: To all those people who want peace in the world.

Proud to be a Muslim, Proud to be an Indian.

Godzill hacked and which are primary websites of LeT and the websites were offline at the time of writing this article.

By evening the Pakistani hackers managed to even the score a little bit by hacking the website of the Central Bank of India, a premier bank of India.

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Anonymous Hacks Saudi Websites in Response to Decision of Crucifying A 17 Years Old Lad

#OpNimr Anonymous Knocks Saudi Government Websites Offline In Protest Against Planned Beheading And Crucifixion Of Ali Mohammad Baqir Al-Nimr

#OpNimr Anonymous Knocks Saudi Government Websites Offline In Protest Against Planned Beheading And Crucifixion Of Ali Mohammad Baqir Al-Nimr

Hactivist group Anonymous targeted Saudi websites and brough them down in response to the death sentence to a 17 year old boy Mohammed al-Nimr.

Hacktivist group Anonymous has called out Saudi Arabia for its horrific human rights record by attacking the Gulf kingdom’s government websites. The attack is in response to the upholding of a death sentence handed down to 17-year-old Mohammed al-Nimr.

Earlier in September, Nimr’s final appeal to the Saudi courts was dismissed, and his sentence of death by crucifixion for alleged anti-government activities in 2012 can now be carried out at any moment.

“Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, an innocent young teenage boy has been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia and we will not stand by and watch,” Anonymous said in a statement directed at Saudi Arabia. “Naturally, the sentence was appealed but the appeal hearing was held in secret and apparently dismissed.”

Here is their upload on YouTube as a warning to Saudi Government.

Some of the websites that appear to have been knocked offline included those of the Ministry of Justice (, the Ministry of Civil Service (, the General Administration of Education (, PSATRI, Saudi Arabia’s technological center for its military and security sectors (; and even Saudi Airlines ( Currently, most of the sites are back up except for the Ministry of Justice’s.

A full list of targeted websites has been published on Paste bin.
The hacktivist group called for Nimr’s release, adding that he had been denied a lawyer and subjected to torture. “Campaigners also claim he was forced to sign a confession, which has formed the basis of the case against him … Now, with all legal avenues exhausted, Ali could be crucified at any moment.”

Anonymous announced that it began #OpNimr by attacking government websites and taking them offline. “We hope you listen to us this time and release the young man. You will be treated as a virus and we are the cure.”

“Hundreds of innocent people die each year because of the Saudi Arabian government and they will now be punished for their actions,” the group’s statement said.

The hacktivists also criticized the UK for not standing up for Nimr and not doing more to pressure Riyadh. They also attacked the UN for delegating Saudi Arabia a key “human rights role” despite the country’s questionable record.

Anonymous spoke directly to King Salman and the Saudi Arabian government in one of their video messages.

“13 Judges have already approved the death sentence of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr meaning only King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has to approve it. We cannot and will not allow this to happen. The ministry of justice was taken offline a few days ago and we will continue to do this to other government websites.”

Nimr was arrested in 2012, reportedly after participating in a protest. He was found guilty of joining a criminal group and attacking police officers. Other charges against him included using a BlackBerry device to encourage others to come out and join the protest.

The UN has called the trial “short of international standards” and asked Saudi Arabia to halt the execution. Human rights groups including Amnesty International have alleged that Nirm was tortured and forced to confess to some of the charges.

The sentence of crucifixion likely means that Nimr is set to be beheaded before his body is displayed on a cross in a public place.

Reports indicate that Nimr did attend a demonstration, but was not an activist. Other sources have said that the sentence of crucifixion is likely political “revenge” because Nimr is a nephew of Shia cleric and activist Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr, who is also facing execution.

The cleric has been sentenced to death on charges of terrorism for “waging war on God” because he gave a speech at anti-government protests in Qatif, Amnesty International reported.

This video was posted by Anonymous just after they carried out the task.

Here is a glimpse of havoc created by Anonymous.

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Tit for Tat : Nearly 50 Pak websites hacked in reply to hacking of Kerala govt website

'Mallu Cyber Soldiers' takes revenge by hacking Pakistan government websites

‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ takes revenge by hacking Pakistan government websites

While the US and China are entering into a cyber security agreement on the other side of the globe, the Indo Pak cyber hack games continue unabated. The latest casualty of the traditional rivalry are dozens of Pakistani government websites which were hacked inn response to the cyber attack on the Kerala government website by Pakistan-based hackers.

On Sunday, alleged Pakistani hackers hacked the official website of Kerala government – The website had an image of burning Indian flag and messages such as Pakistan Zindabad”, “We are Team Pak Cyber Attacker” and “Security is just an illusion.”

But a few expected a tit for tat reply and that it too within hours. erala-based ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ hacked into Pakistani websites, putting a burning Pakistan flag and a warning the Pakistani hackers to “better stay away from Indian cyber space.” ‘Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ has hacked around 46 Pakistan websites, which include Pakistan’s government website, and

On their facebook page, the Mallu Cyber Soldiers has stated that it has defaced another four sites. The defaced page has image of burning Pakistan flag with messages ‘Better stay away from Indian Cyber Space’. The cyber attack has been named as ‘Operation Pak Cyber Space’ and the hackers have claimed that it was a payback for hacking Both Kerala government and Pakistani government are yet to restore the sites.

State Cyber Cell DYSP N Vijayakumar said that they are collector details from C-DiT over hacking of Kerala government website. “We don’t usually track cases of Indian groups hacking Pakistan websites. We had prevented an attempt from Pakistan to hack around 45 government website around 5 months ago,” he said.

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Google Pitcairn Islands claimed to be hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers

Bangladeshi hackers claim to have hacked Google Pitcairn Island, the default search engine for Pitcairn Islands was hacked today by Bangladeshi hackers going with the handle of [email protected] and surg4bij4k.

Pitcairn Islands are a group of four volcanic islands in the southern Pacific Ocean that form the last British Overseas Territory in the Pacific. It has a total population of 56 individuals.

The unsecured version of Google Pitcairn Islands ( and the Subdomain were hacked by these hackers.Screenshots are posted below. [email protected] is the same hacker who hacked Google Malaysia in April this year.

However the hackers themselves seem to have forgotten that as the defaced page shows the message, Bangladesh to Indonesia, We own it all!!!

Google Pitcairn

Important Note :  The URL given above may be affected by malware by the hackers.

Another confusion is that did the hackers actually take down Google Pitcairn or are spoofing some other DNS and named it, because the url which seems the official website of Google Pitcairn, opens normally.

Google pitcairn 2

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Anonymous India hack BSNL website, claim to have access to 30 million records

BSNL hack

The BSNL’s Telecommunications Journal website has been hacked by AnonOpsIndia.

The Indian arm of the Anonymous hacktivist collective today hacked the Indian telecommunications company and government owned BSNL’s journal website. The hacking has been done to protest against the government of India’s alleged surveillance programs during the launch of Digital India campaign by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Anonymous announced the hacking on Twitter.

The defaced page seen here states that,  “You have stored passwords in plain text. Shame! Is this your #DigitalIndia? We also have access to all BSNL databases now. No data on the server was tampered though. But we have taken a copy of all your databases. Patch up before the Chinese get their hands on this. It’s a goldmine.”

The message on the defaced page also warns the security team and webmaster of BSNL website to patch the website.

The Anonymous India has put forward a list of demands on the hacked page.

Message to Government of India:

1) Demand government to take action against RS Prasad for openly challenging privacy of the citizens of India.

2) Demand government to take action against TRAI for their stupidity of releasing million Email IDs, helping spammers & violating your very own IT laws.

3) Demand government to take action against Reliance sending unencrypted data to China via their Jio Chat app.

4) Demand government (RS Prasad) to stop moving towards a licensing regime. We are watching your every move on net neutrality.

5) Demand government to shut down all surveillance projects like CMS & RS Prasad’s interception of phone calls before it is too late. Also release all details in public of whose phone calls have been tapped & are under surveillance.

6) Demand government (DoT) to unblock all websites & put an end to internet censorship.

7) Demand government to take action against NIC for trying to change history. Wikipedia is not your medium to promote lies & propagandas.

The group has also asked the Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad, “to stop moving towards a licensing regime”.

30 million records

The group also claims that it has managed to get access to over “30 million records” from BSNL database. It says the records could be “bill summary, payment details or account details.”

In a response to a query it said, “It’s a mess. Lot of data. Can’t even analyze it. The dump is so huge.”

The BSNL security team doesnt seem to be aware of the hacking of its site.

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Lizard Squad strikes again, takes down Tesla website and hijacks its Twitter account

Lizard Squad Hackers temporarily take control of Tesla’s website, Elon Musk's Twitter account

Lizard Squad Hackers temporarily take control of Tesla’s website, Elon Musk’s Twitter account

After lying low for almost a month, the infamous band of hackers, Lizard Squad struck in the morning today and took control of the smart car maker Tesla’s website and Twitter account. As for Tesla, the automaker which is making one of the smartest, most interconnected production car on the market today,  has fallen prey to one of the most loathed menaces online today: hackers.

The Twitter hijack of Tesla account was noticed at 5 PM ET when it tweeted that Tesla was no longer in control of the Twitter account. The subsequent tweets suggest prank from the hijackers because they posted a phone number and told Tesla Twitter followers that those who called on that number could get a free car. The hackers also change the Tesla account name was changed to #RIPPRGANG.


The hackers also managed to hack into Tesla website at They redirected visitors to a defaced website using DNS redirect hack.

Lizard Squad Hackers temporarily take control of Tesla’s website, Elon Musk's Twitter account

The hackers also hacked the Elon Musk Twitter account and used it in the same way as Tesla hijack.

Lizard Squad Hackers temporarily take control of Tesla’s website, Elon Musk's Twitter account

All the Twitter accounts and the website have been since restored to their original owners.

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Google Malaysia hacked by Bangladeshi hackers

Google Malaysia was hacked in the wee hours today and visitors were taken to a defaced landing page.

Google Malaysia was hacked in the wee hours today and visitors were taken to a defaced landing page.

In what seems to be case of DNS hijacking, hackers hijacked the Google Malaysia page and redirected the visitors of Google Malaysia’s website to black page proclaiming that it has been “hacked!.”

The defaced page put up by the hackers stated that Google Malaysia had been hacked by a“Bangladeshi hacker” calling himself “[email protected]”. The hackers gave no reason for the hacking.

Though Google Malaysia appears to have restored control of the website now, the defaced page continues to appear intermittently according to local Malaysian users.

Google representative said that it was likely a case of a domain name system (DNS) attack. Google Malaysia’s corporate and communications chief Zeffri Yusof said the website has not been compromised, and the incident was likely a repeat of the DNS attack that had occurred at least twice before. Back in October, 2013, a Pakistani hacker group called MadLeets 1337 had similarly hijacked Google Malaysia and led users to a different landing page.

“I do not think it is hack, it is more likely to be DNS redirection. This happened, if you remember, back in 2011 and 2013. So, it is quite a regular occurrence,” Zeffri said. Zeffri said that the matter is under investigation and they are waiting for a report from the domain registrar, MyNIC Berhard, “However, I may want to clarify with MyNIC Berhad, our domain registrar.”

MyNIC Berhard has not given any comments on the hacking of Google Malaysia.

Google used Twitter to warn Malaysian hackers of the redirection and asked them to visit in the meantime till the issue is resolved.

“Getting reports from users experiencing DNS redirection. Please use in the meantime,” Google Malaysia posted on Twitter.

The defaced page can be viewed on  Zone-H, an archive of defaced websites, According to Zone-H [email protected] also defaced, and today, however this was not independently confirmed.

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Human Heartbeat to Replace Iris Scan and Fingerprints to Access Your Bank Account

Human Heartbeat to Replace Iris Scan and Fingerprints to Access Your Bank Account

Heartbeat seems to be the next impregnable key for secured online banking as per Halifax Bank, United Kingdom

Can human heartbeat be the possible safe key for secure banking? Halifax is conducting trials using the Heartbeat technology for secure banking

With Phone banking app on smartphone devices banking has become much easier and is just a click away from the users. However, with the hackers and cybercriminals all around on the internet sites, security of the net banking is one of the most important agenda on the banking forums. Hence Halifax Bank, a United Kingdom bank is experimenting on a new technology which uses customer’s heartbeat pattern to access the banking app on their smartphone. It seems at last customers will be able to get rid of the tedious PIN numbers and jumbled passwords which are required to access their bank accounts via smartphone.

How can Heartbeat be used as an Identity proof for a customer? The process is still under developmental stages however Simon Gompertz; personal finance correspondent to BBC News tried the system and gave inputs about this technology. As per Gompertz, user would need to follow these steps to authenticate their heartbeat as the Identity:

  • The user would need to wear an electronic wristband with sensors or “Nymi band” on their wrist just like a watch. Then the wrist band needs to be authenticated with the user’s heartbeat pattern. User would need to check their heartbeat pattern on a computer and then the ECG i.e Electrocardiogram will be stored on the wrist band through the sensors which are there on the upper surface of the band.
  • The next thing would be to get the band connected to the banking app on the smartphone. User needs to open the banking app and simultaneously activate the Bluetooth. Now first pair the wrist band with the bluetooth by tapping on the sensor on the wristband and once the pairing is successful the smartphone band gives a buzz and  3 LED lights on the wristband blinks. The heartbeat pattern of the user would be registered as Identity for the banking purpose by the banking app.
  • Now, whenever the user needs to do any banking transaction, user needs to put on the wrist band and they get an easy access to their bank account through their unique heart pattern.
  • If the band does not recognize the heartbeat it will stop the banking transaction.

Toronto-based technology firm Bionym, has developed this wristband and it has been already used by Royal Bank of Canada for trial purposes.  Lloyds Banking group which owns the Halifax bank feels that the Heartbeat ID technology is much better to the”IRIS scan” and “finger prints scan” because here a vital organ of the body is involved which can be a foolproof key to access the banking transactions with least harm from hackers and intruders.

A spokeswoman said: “You could fake someone’s fingerprint, but you can’t fake someone’s heartbeat.” In September 2014 the Barclays bank had tried its “Finger Scanner” for internet banking wherein user needs to put their forefinger in the portable  scanner and the “veins in the finger” is scanned and used as the Identity proof. Barclays bank feels this is a better security however these scanners are too costly and hence as of now is being used at corporate level and most probably in future users may get to use these scanners even at their residences for phone banking purposes.

The wristbands can be further used as swiping the door locks in future by putting the sensors to further use.

Overall, it seems that the advanced technology be it the “finger scanners” of Barclays Bank or the “Heartbeat ID technology” of Halifax Bank surely gives the users assurance that they can safely use the smartphone for internet banking. Well, having said that, for hackers and snoopers they will have to work harder now to find a loophole to get through these passwords and identity barriers unless they really plan to go for a heart transplant of a millionaire!!!

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