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The Mobile age of Aquaris on the Ubuntu Linux platform

The Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition, an Ubuntu mobile device based on a Linux distro, branched from Debian, is bringing a open-source mobile unit with...
Linux used to build US Navy's most powerful destroyer yet

Linux used to build US Navy’s most powerful destroyer yet

Linux kernel (OS) powered DDG-1000 Zumwalt Class Destroyer built by US Navy Now what is linux, it is just an Operating System which is used worldwide. Linux...
Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Linux #CVE-2014-9322

Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Linux #CVE-2014-9322

Linux kernel: multiple x86_64 Privilege Escalation vulnerabilities #CVE-2014-9322 Andy Lutomirski, a security  researcher and co-founder of AMA Capital Management has identified a serious vulnerability in the...
Bash Bug could be bigger threat than Heartbleed

Bash Bug could be a bigger threat than Heartbleed

"Bash bug, Could be a Nightmare for Linux users" "Bash Bug" a newly discovered bug present in the Bash or the Bourne again shell ,is  the command-line...

Internet of Things worm Dorlloz has infected 31000 Linux machines in...

Symantec has been tracking a new worm it found in November 2013 and found out that this worm named Linux.Dorlloz has already infected 31000...

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