Google Bans Its Employees From Using Zoom

Google has banned its employees from using the desktop app of Zoom, the hugely popular video-calling app, that people are using these days to...

WhatsApp Limits Message Forwarding To Fight Coronavirus Misinformation

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned popular messaging platform, on Tuesday, announced that it has imposed restrictions on frequently shared forwarded messages to only one chat at...

uTorrent Is The Most Used BitTorrent Client In The World

uTorrent, a proprietary adware BitTorrent client, is the most used BitTorrent client worldwide in 2020, according to a report from TorrentFreak. The last time when...
computer network

Microsoft: Emotet Malware Shuts Down An Entire Network By Overheating PCs

Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Solutions Group's Detection and Response Team (DART) on Thursday said that its client’s entire IT network was taken down by overheating computers...
facebook spyware

Facebook tried to buy spyware tool to monitor its users

NSO Group, the team behind the 2019 WhatsApp spyware attack, claims that Facebook tried to buy their company’s spyware in order to monitor the...
iphone macbook camera hack

Hacker Finds A Way To Take Over Any iPhone, MacBook Camera

A former Amazon Web Services (AWS) security engineer Ryan Pickren, found seven zero-day security vulnerabilities in the Safari browser (CVE-2020-3852, CVE-2020-3864, CVE-2020-3865, CVE-2020-3885, CVE-2020-3887,...

Thousands Of Private Zoom Videos Can Be Found Online

Zoom, the video conferencing app, has seen a sudden surge in popularity, as people are forced to work and study from home amidst the...
Zoom Security Vulnerability

Zoom Security Vulnerability Leaks Windows Login Credentials To Hackers

Popular video conferencing app, Zoom has a security flaw that allows hackers to steal users’ Windows 10 network login credentials if they click on...

Hackers Sending Malicious USB Drives & Teddies Via Postal Service: FBI

The U.S. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) on Thursday issued a warning to organizations and security professionals about a cybercriminal group who are sending...
Windows 10 Update

Windows 10 Update Causing Internet Connectivity Issue Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Since its advent in 2015, Windows 10 has faced numerous bugs that have impacted users on a big scale. Fortunately, Microsoft has fixed a...

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