TeamHackingArgentino has leaked emails from several government organisations  including emails from official website of President of U.S, Barack Obama

The emails leaked was Announced on official twitter and Facebook page of the group, the leaked emails can be seen from the paste provided by the Team Hacking Argentino.
The emails leaked consist of:
  • 56 emails from official website of President of U.S, Barack Obama, paste below:

  • 120 emails from justice department, United States, paste below:

  • 14 emails from ANSES, Argentina:

  • 11 emails from presidency, Argentina:

  • 104 emails from Argentina state education portal:

  • 85 email from the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Argentina:

  • 64 email from the President of Mexico:

  • 32 email from the White House:

  • 116 Email from Microsoft:

  • 6 email from the Israeli Intelligence Agencies:

  • 60 Email from U.S. Government:

  •  51 Email Central Intelligence Agency CIA:

  • 52 email from the New York Police

All emails leaked seems to be 100% correct, as some of it matches from previous leaks by other hackers.

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