An Exclusive Interview with Syrian Electronic Army, From the world of Hacking.


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Recent Target: Tango app website and database, The daily Dot, Viber app database.

1. When was SEA formed, what was the reason of formation of SEA?

SEA: The SEA created in 2011, when the Arab media and Western media started bias in favor of terrorist groups that have killed civilians and the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army and the destruction of private and public property. The Arab media and western form a cover for the continuation of these groups, their actions through the blackout on terrorism in Syria, and paste all charges on Syrian Arab Army and charged them with murder and sabotage, which gave rise to the group of young Syrian not belonging to any governmental entity to form an arm electronic media to take on the initiative of protecting the homeland and supporting the reforms of President Bashar al-Assad, who was seen as an aspiration for young people in their life, these crisis and those options spark launch of the SEA.

2. Does SEA works with government of Syria?

SEA: not at all.

3. What was your first hacking project, was it secret, if u want to share it, or else go with first which u can share with us?

SEA: I can not remember you can take a look at our website to see all the hacks.

4. Is there any project, which you thought you should not have done, yes or no,, may be you would like to tell us about it?

SEA: We are studying, thoroughly before we do it.

5. Which one do you think is your biggest project till now?

SEA: hack the Associated Press Twitter account because we made the United States of America  lose about $336 billion.

6. How is your relation with other hacker groups,, who are your friends and who are your enemy?

SEA: Our enemies are the enemies of Syria and we are working on our own.

7. You have been hitting, media, news, and social apps site, mostly what is your next target?

SEA: I can not say to you what the next targets 🙂

8. you have been hacking these Social apps, few days ago one of the statement from sea , says Viber has been spying and tracking their users, do you think these apps might provide data to government agency?

SEA: We believe that this application was created to spy.

9. Most common method SEA use to hack into website?

SEA: i can’t tell you sorry.

10. Is it true Daily Dot asked their officials to be careful to handle their emails, since they thought SEA will use phishing attack?

SEA: Yes it’s true after that we threatened them.

11. why hacking media, news organisation any particular reason?

SEA: We are targeting, who fabricating news about Syria.

12. Have you or any member of SEA ever been hacked?

SEA: not at all.

13. Ever thought of becoming white hat?

SEA: We are now working on the defense of our country. we may think about this later.

14. Would you like to give some security tips, to our readers and of course me:) ?

SEA: Well, be careful.

To know more about SEA, Visit their Official website


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Abhishek Kumar Jha
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