FATEC – FACULDADE DE TECNOLOGIA, Brazil Was Hacked by DomainerAnon, Login credential of users were leaked.

Hacker domainerAnon fired a tweet from his twitter handle containing the link to database of https://www.fatecbauru.edu.br/, The Data in The paste contains Login credentials, email, username and password of the users in plain text.


Breached – https://t.co/QwP8fS6u2A DE TECNOLOGIA Governo De Sao Paulo Logins & Passwords https://t.co/DzSgBdY75G #OpBrazil @LegionJJ
— Domainer V2 (@DomainerAnon) July 5, 2013

Hacker also posted Notice related to #OpBrazil on The websites main page, Moreover One of the page of The website was defaced by The hacker.

The paste Containing Data Can be seen here https://pastebay.com/1245633

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