1300+ Websites of Mexico mass defaced, By rooting the server by Hacker SenHaXoR.

After Mass defacement of 800 + websites of Chile today, and 1500+ websites of columbia and turkey yesterday, Today once again SenHaXoR Hacked 1300+ Websites of Mexico.

It seems like the hacker is On his way to create some new records.

The List of Hacked websites of Mexico can be seen in the paste below:

Also read 2300+ Domains of chile, Turkey And Colombia Mass hacked And Defaced by SeNHaXoR

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  1. @anonymous tum sahi bol rhe hho ye bahan ke lode madarchod a,,, bhosdi wale pakistani … apni maa u hi chudwa rhe h ……….. dont worry <br /><br />aaugust 15 ko in porkistanion ko gift milne wala … fir ye sale wahin par ghus jayenge yahan se ye log nikale the ………..<br /><br /><br />so little wait till aug.15,2013 ………<br /><br /> madarchod porkis wait n watch for disaster


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