600+ websites of Argentina was hacked and defaced by Hacker, Nyu today.
Nyu has hacked more than 600 websites from Argentina, just few hours ago about 100 website of Argentina was reported to be hacked. Argentina has been in the target of hackers from last few days and a lot of damage to the cyber space of Argentina has been done.
The paste contains almost 638 defaced websites, Although the hacker claims he have access to more than 1500 websites, and that surely means he have access on the entire server. Only few of the defaced websites contains Homepage defacement.
At the time of writing the Article only a few were restored and most of websites were still defaced.
All the defaced page contained the email to the hacker :[email protected] , stating Nyu was here.
The list of websites defaced can be seen from the paste provided below:

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