57 High profile Paksitani websites Hacked and Defaced by Afghan Cyber Army.

Afghan Cyber Army Hacked and Defaced 57 high profile websites of Pakistan today, on Independence day of Pakistan. All the websites Defaced Are Home page defacement Of High page Rank Websites.
The defacement page shows a short Message, Stating The seize fire violation by Pakistan Army over Afghanistan. 


This hack is a response to the rocket attacks of Pakistan military on Kunar and Jalalabad Provinces of Afghanistan! Next time wait for…bigger damage, 

We will not let any torture and overtaking on our land unanswered. Remember WE ARE AFGHANS, WE DO NOT FORGET, WE DO NOT FORGIVE! 

Rest in peace the Heroes of Afghanistan we will never forgot your Sacrifice and we never will let porkies and this world forget it too..

Live For Afghanistan Or Leave Afghanistan
Greetings:To All Afghans & All Afghan Security Forces 

Complete list of websites hacked with their mirror can be seen from the paste provided below:

Most of the websites were still showing the deface page at the time of writing the Article.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
Knowledge is Power


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