Anonymous hackers hacked the website of Noblejas Peoples part (toledo), which is the governing party. and defaced it, the defaced page was showing a video tilted as ‘secret files part 2’. the video stated that Anonymous will leak secrets file that will proof the corruption of the spanish government.

The video’s audio is in spanish but the caption shows some quotes in English like,

 ‘your secrets keep me peaceful’, ‘your lies keep me safe’, ‘you are satisfied with my ignorance’, ‘and you are in control’, ‘But we are aware’, ‘we are anonymous’

It is supposed that the files will be revealed on twitter under hashtag #opsecretfiles2. Hackers claims that Government is not looking at the basic needs of the peoples, but they are busy with their own benefits.

Noblejas Peoples part (toledo) website was earlier hacked in month of july this year and leaked their financial document. this time they have announced to leak some more documents that will proof the corruption of the government. 

At the time of writing the Article the website was still showing the deface page.

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