Anonymous Hackers going with the twitter handle @TeaMpOisoN_BR & @LulzSecurityCL hacked and defaced 7 of the Government website of china. 

The websites hacked and defaced can be seen below:

Websites Hacked by LulzSecChile & TeaMp0isoN_BR together was showing the above deface page with a message:

Sorry Admin, Think about your children’s future

Hacked by TeaMp0isoN_Brasil

Websites Defaced by TeaMp0isioN_BR, alone was showing the above deface page with a message:



TeaMp0isoN_BR: We are a group that no leaders, owners, administrators.


We like to do the impossible,


to expose sensitive information that may harm your system.


We want to put fear into all that wish us harm and protect those who want to change our country,


those who try to draw attention of the people you can not just ignore


them because they are fighting for a just cause and good.


We are here watching your system because we want the good of the people,


we are a team that struggled through all poisonous.




#Knowledge is power. Don’t learn to hack, hack to learn.


~ ~ TeaMp0isoN ~ ~
//We are The Future,\


//We are Legion,\


//We are Nobody,\


//We are Everyone,\


//We are a Group,\


//We are Anonymous!\


Earlier today many government websites were tango down for the whole day with DDOS attack.

At the time of writing the Article websites were still showing the deface page.
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