Website of The famous grey hat hacker J?ST?R was seized by feds today.
J?ST?R, Hacker going with twitter handle @th3j35t3r. responsible for Dos attacks on wiki leaks, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad websites , and Islamist websites. he also claims To have created the script, XerXeS which he used to run Dos attack over the websites. 
The hacker was running his website Domain registered on Name of Jack Bauer. well that ofcourse is not his real name.
The website was seized by The feds today. And the website shows the notice by ICE – Home Security Investigation seizure.

The servers of the domain has been updated with servers:

Since the hacker stated that he was a former soldier of U.S and calls himself as U.S Patriotic. The site was pretty popular In united states and other countries.


  1. ICE if for copyright. I assume they didn't like the amount of copy-righted music videos he posted or something. Most likely the result of automated action. Just EPIC irony and fail for the gov't 🙂

  2. Well th3j35t3r has been posting pictures that suggest he might have attended the Blackhat conference. I hope he didnt get arrested or picked up by Feds? Last twitter post he had was a day ago.


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