Syrian Electronic Army Hacked the Outbrain today Resulting in the Hack of CNN, Washington post, The New York Times, all at a time.

Outbrain is a content recommendation service whose widget offers to help internet publishers increase web traffic at their websites, it does so by presenting them with links to Article and other contents.
Outbrain is used by more than 1,00,000 blogs including USA Today, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Daily Beast, New York Observer, Slate, The Street, Elle, Hollywood Reporter, CNN, Fox News, Hachette Filipacchi Media, Mashable, MSNBC  and the Guardian.

What Syrian Electronic Army did was that they Some how hacked into the Admin panel Of Outbrain and changed the parameters used by CNN, Washington post, The New York Times in their widgets as ‘Hacked by SEA’

Screenshot of Admin panel of Outbrain, shows they were still using the outdated wordpress version:

Screenshot of The Recomended post on the websites showing ‘Hacked by SEA’


The Recommended post, just below all the Articles on the website of CNN, Washington post, The New York Times was looking somewhat as the above screenshot, and on clicking these links users where redirected to Official website of Syrian Electronic Army.
In addition to these Syrian Electronic Army also claimed to have access to the email box of Outbrain.
Screenshots From the Outbrain’s Admin panel given below, clearly shows that Syrian Electronic Army was having access to the CNN, Washington post, The New York Times Widget that shows recommended post on The website of these agencies.
At the time of writing the Article, Outbrain  restored all the effected website. and the websites were back to normal.
Syrian Electronic Army leaders had already said they are not going to stop.
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