Mauritania Attacker leaked thousand of twitter Accounts credentials today, which was hijacked from twitter.

The Account leaked is up for download on file sharing service of Zippyshare. all the account leaks are in plain text format.

The leaked data contains twitter id, twitter nickname, oauth_token, oauth_token secret codes. which can be used to login to the victim’s account.

Hacker also added a guide on how to use oauth_token to login into the account -which can be done easily with the use of tamper data.

As of now, Mauritania Attacker has leaked about 15167 account details. but in a conversation with Techworm, he confirmed that he has access to the entire database of users on twitter and no account is safe from him, maybe he will leak more account credentials in the coming future.

Now the big question that arises to every twitter account holder is that are they safe on twitter any more, I guess they aren’t anymore.


  1. I think, it is easy to control this situation. Twitter just has to change Auth/Secure token algorthm a little bit so tokens/keys that stolen doesn't work anymore i guess? Of course, if only if these entrys undecodable.

  2. Look at what he's posted, it's just OAuth tokens. All this guy did was attack one Twitter app, he didn't hack Twitter itself. Lies.

  3. Oh no. A blogger said twitter isn&#39;t safe anymore. That must mean twitter isn&#39;t safe any more. <br /><br />*deletes system32 just to be safe(r)*

  4. A third party was compromised, not Twitter. Furthermore, those oauth tokens/secrets are 2 sections of a 4 part authentication model over the Twitter REST API. Without the consumer token &amp; secret they are rendered useless.

  5. I guess it is just a fake one 😀 <br /><br />i found so many duplicates and most of the accounts are turkish :/


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