People from Security and hacking Community have been contributing for the bounty to the first person who hacks Iphone 5S finger print censor. From last few days Twitter Has been used to Collect donations with  hashtag- #istouchidhackedyet as of thursday evening more than $16,000 has been generated for donations which is a combination of Bitcoins, Cash, Bottles of Alcohol and lots more.

Well you might be thinking where the bounty program has been organised., two Security experts Nick Depetrillo and Robert David Graham  have Launched a website which keeps updtaes about the progress of tries on hacking IPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor. And they are the one to Organise the bounty program for the first person to hack touch ID by lifting finger prints from a beer mug, gummy bear or something else.

Hackers have already used Gummy bears to lift Finger print censor a while back, graham said. but this time it is lot more difficult.

Graham also mentioned, that in case if a person is able to IPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor he will have to go and collect bounty from each and every person Individually, and he will keep updating the bounty on his site.


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