More than 165000 Israeli emails were compromised and leaked by Anonghost

The Compromised Accounts were leaked on Facebook by Official AnonGhost Account. and comes from a Web hosting, service provider of Israel. AnonGhost have announced the leak under  #OpIsrael Reborn, which was Announced by AnonGhost on 9/11
The leaked data contains username, email id, password, Name of the user, website, city, Mobile number, Landline number, birth date and gender, all in plain text.
Screenshot of leaked data:


It may happen, that in addition to log into mails, these emails and passwords can be used to login into some other social network Accounts, like Facebook or twitter, since many of users have a tendency to use same email and password everywhere.
The Leaked data is up for downloading on file sharing website here :-
we looked into the leaked data and find it to be fresh and legit.