61 Indian Websites hacked and defaced by H4Z3RD.

A Anonymous hacker going with the handle ‘H4Z3RD’, Hacked and Defaced 61 Indian websites.
All the Hacked website was showing a deface page as the above, screenshot, with a message:


'We are Anonymous',

'Freedom becomes more and more important in our days.',

'Therefore it becomes more and more important that we keep fighting for it!',

'So it is clear that we..',

for Freedom fighters.',
'.. demand the acceptance o

'.. declare our full suppor
tf Palestine as State.",
'.. do not accept the Gaza Strip',

against any country that is a threat to peace',

'.. do not accept the control of the Zionists' ,
'.. declare war',
'How can you help?',
'Raise your Voice! Fight for a FREE PALESTINE!',

'The time of OUR silent protest is over!',

'Raise your Voice! Fight for a WORLD FULL OF PEACE',
'Protest against War!'
,are Anonymous',
'We are Legion',
'We do not forget',
'We do not forgive',
'Expect us!'

Your entire system has been comprimised by H4Z3RD
Because none of us is cruel as we all are
Your govenment has betrayed US.

List of Hacked websites can be seen from the paste provided below:

At the time of writing the Article all websites were redirected to suspended page, That may be because they are being restored

Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
Knowledge is Power


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