Fake Grand Theft Auto 5 serial Download Spreading Scams & Malware.

Warning for all the Game lovers, Fake GTA 5 Serial keys are spreading Scams & Malware. 

Most of you must be searching for cracks and license key of GTA 5. but be cautious while you are looking for it. long before the release of the game the Malware was already uploaded and spread on torrents.
Now you might be thinking what happened to those who downloaded the torrent of GTA 5 license.
The victim is asked to send a SMS after completing the survey to activate the product. and then he is charged 1.32$ for that SMS. that’s not where it ends, but that charge recurs every day untill Victim contact his service provider to reverse it. and he will not get the Actual game either for sure.

If you are happy to find a license key direct from a website, and are thinking to be lucky enough to get it, well you are again wrong. Yesterday some of the security experts found many Fake GTA 5 websites Providing GTA 5 Serials. 
What these websites do is that they ask victim to complete surveys with few prizes to be recieved at the end of the survey, and ask for personal details. It may seem no harm in doing that as they also uses bogus Antivirus Scan to show there is no harmful malware present.

In the end a Keylogger is downloaded (trojan.keylogger.mwp), which is designed to steal login credentials and keystrokes.

If you still want to search for a Cracked version of the GTA 5, what i will suggest is you better be Cautious while you download a file.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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