Hackers joining venture for #OpIsraelReborn, Final day of cyber Attack over Israel on 11 September 2013.

Hackers from Around the globe has been joining the venture #OpIsraelReborn, (Cyber Attack over Israel) dated for 11 September 2013.

A Youtube video has been found circulating over the Internet from the last few days, Hacker group Anonymous have asked all Muslim hackers to join their venture for #OpIsraelReborn. The operation is running to bring down the cyber space of Israel down on September 11, the Anniversary day of Attack Over the New York city.

We recently launched a new operation
All Hackers Muslims, on September 11’th join us.
‘We are AnonGhost’
‘We are Fallaga Team’
‘We are Anonymous Arabic’
Israel do you Remember us, we are the same people who fucked you on April 7th
And we are back to punish you again
There is no Israel on this map, because it is Palestine.
‘We are Hackers, we watching you’
On September 11, we will show you
Expect us September 11.
All hackers muslin join this Operation reborn.
The Video, shows 3 of the top most hacker organisation AnonGhost, Fallaga Team & Anonymous Arabic have already joined the operation and asking other Muslim hackers to join the Operation.
#OpIsraelReborn was Announced by Team AnonGhost, on 10th of August this year, Team AnonGhost released a Official video which was circulated over the Internet,

In less than few days many other Hacker groups joined the Operation. In an older conversation with Mauritania Attacker with Techworm, The hacker  said, the Attack is because of the reason Israel is not stopping killing of Innocent children and people in Palestine.

Last time Israel suffered tremendous Cyber attack, on 7th April 2013, #Opisrael followed by #OpIsraelReloaded which started on June 7th of this year. Launched by AnonGhost and which was operated by Many Hacker groups/Team collectively, including AnonGhost, Anonymous and many others.

According to some source, Israeli Governmet is under huge panic, and have asked cyber experts to secure the web space.
Mean while hackers have already started Attacking Over Israeli Cyber space, AnonGhost have already hacked thousands of Israeli website before the final day of the Attack, Fallaga team have also started Attacking the Israeli cyber space from the last few days
The Operation may cause huge amount of classified Data leaks from Government of Israel and their supporters, Many Multinational private firm, was attacked last time which is believed to be repeated again. Many security Researchers believe, This time Israel may face Cyber blackout for the complete day.

Report by Abhishek kumar, follow him on Twitter:

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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