Hacker group Going with the Handle ‘BMpoC’ Hacked and defaced 14 subdomains of NASA, as a protest to war.

Yesterday the websites of NASA for – Ames Academy for Space Exploration, the NASA Lunar Science Institute, the Arctic Mars Analog Svalbard Expedition, the Kepler Mission, the Office of Planetary Protection, Virtual Astrobiology, and Moon Fest 2009.

SA Was hacked and defaced by the hacker group, List of the websites and their mirror, can be seen from the paste here

Hacked websites were showing the deface page with the message as a protest of war:

Stop spy on us.
The Brazilian population do not support your attitude!
The Illuminati are now visibly acting!
Obama heartless!
Inhumane! You have no family? The point in the entire global population is supporting you. NOBODY!
We do not want war, we want peace!!!

At the time of writing the Article most of the websites were down.