New Virus Targeting Android users to steal their SMS, Emails and other data.

Most of you must be Knowing that Android is one of the most targeted operating system by Malware.

A recent Observation has found a new virus affecting all versions of Android, prior to 4.2.2 (jelly bean). The virus steals, SMS’es Emails and data from your Android device, without being noticed.

The Malware attack was first detected in India, and is believed can be spread easily in other Countries.

“It has been observed that a critical vulnerability exists in Android which could allow attackers to inject malicious code into legitimate applications which makes it possible to change an application’s code without affecting the cryptographic signature of the application, essentially allowing a malicious author to trick the Android device into believing that the crafted application is unchanged,” the Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CeRT-In) said in its latest advisory to Android users in the country.

The virus can steal, IMEI numbers, SMS’es, emails and in some cases can steal bank Account details stored in app. like previous malwares it can be used by the Attacker to send SMS’es and make call from infected device without being Noticed.

Some of the counter measures that are suggested by security experts:
Keep your Antivirus program updated, try not to download any third party untrusted app. Be cautious while clicking links in Untrusted sites. Moreover check for permission required by The app before installing.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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