Official Government website of Village of Sag Harbor(, was hacked and defaced today, by KJ-FIDO from Hacker group- ‘Web Soldiers’. the hacked website was displaying a deface page for more than 1 hour as above screenshot.

The deface page played a bin laden video from Youtube and displayed a message just below it:

 ‘KJ-FIDO was here’.
the message: we are muslims, we are many, we are strong, if you touch one person from us, we will destroy your life, your country, your happiness, we launched this event named #OP_USA and #OPisrael, belive me this the last time we will hear something named israel!!!
Free Palestine, Free Syria, Free Afghanistan, Free Muslims.

At the time of writing the Article the website was restored and the security team from website, claims to have fixed the vulnerability that allowed hackers to hack the site.