RedHack to Took over Election software of turkey, to ensure Fair election.

The pro-Hacker group RedHack, That have Launched various Cyber Attacks over The turkish Government has identified the Computer Supported Central Voter Registry System (SEÇS?S), the official computer software program used in elections, as its next big target. The hacker group Claims they it will take necessary actions to ensure a Fair election.

A RedHack representative said to hurriyetdaily,

“There are elections which will appear before us, and we have decided to take the necessary steps at least to have a fair election,” the representative said.

“In the name of having a fair election and supervising this freak system called SEÇS?S, we have announced and will continue to announce who must be given the shoulder through social media, by giving support to IT experts and civil initiatives,” he added.

The group also said they would not took over SEÇS?S in order to alter the election results but they will do it to support the it experts, digital information platforms and electronic Infrastructure during the Election.

“Our sole criterion is to select the institutions that cause events that hurt the public conscience; in other words, the institutions and capital groups that determine the oppressing attitude of the current system. Attaining the information, sharing this information and questioning the system by taking the public good into account are decisive in target selection,” the representative explained to the HDN.

Few days back RedHack Tango Downed the Official website of Turkish police.

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Abhishek Kumar Jha
Abhishek Kumar Jha
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