Anonymous Hackers Going with the Handle Pentagon Security Team for their Group have Launched #OpSerbia against Serbia, set on 28th November 2013. 

Pentagon Security Team a newly formed hacker group is believed to be formed by professional hackers from Different Hacker Group/Team. from Albania and seems to be strong enough to successfully carry forward the Cyber Attack which is set on 28th November 2013 as #OpSerbia.

A official Video of the operation was released on Youtube and is being circulated among the Hackers. which depicts war crimes carried out by Serbian Army and Government during the war between Kosovo & Bosnia.

In addition to the war crimes, the Operation also targets the corruption in Serbia.
Experts believe that on the day of Cyber Attack Serbia could face lots of damage to their cyber space with huge data leaks, Government and private firm websites being taken down or defaced. malware attacks and much more.

More and more hackers are already joining the operation Under Pentagon Security Team and are waiting for 28th November to carry out the Cyber Attack.