In recent series of tweets by Official Syrian Electronic Army twitter Account, SEA have accepted that they were behind the Attack on Barrack’s Obama Campaign website which was redirected to a page on their website which was showing a message hacked by SEA.

We accessed many Obama campaign emails accounts to assess his terrorism capabilities. They are quite high #SEA
— SyrianElectronicArmy (@Official_SEA16) October 28, 2013


In recent Conversation with Mashable they confirmed they have altered the tweets and Facebook Post shared by Official Barack Obama’s Account. The tweets are added up with a video which depicts Graphic Violence and may be very gruesome for your comfort.

Screenshots showing the Altered tweets and Facebook post:


It is still not clear how SEA managed to alter those post, but experts believe SEA have access to URL shortener account which is used by Obama social media Accounts.
One of the email account associated with Obama has also been compromised, a tweet with a screenshot mentioned, screenshot can be seen below, which can probably be associated with the campaign website hacked.

At the time of writing the Article the campaign website was restored, but the tweets and post On Facebook by Obama’s Official Accounts that contain the altered post can still be seen.

The link posted by the SEA on their Twitter Account > OFA.BO/SEA now has been identified by Twitter has harmful and it has put a warning sign 


However if you disregard the Twitter warning you are led to the OFA official site at this link.  Now the SEA is poking fun at the President (this was published 6 minutes ago) alongwith the following Tweet

Obama spent so much money ravaging #Syria with terror, he can’t even pay his bills
— SyrianElectronicArmy (@Official_SEA16) October 28, 2013


Syrian Electronic Army Confirms they took over Barack Obama's Campaign Website, email, twitter and Facebook Account



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