Hacker going with the handle Aung Lat-MMCF (Myanmar Muslim Cyber Force) hacked and defaced the Official Government website for Ministry of Mine, Myanmar (https://www.mining.gov.mm/)

Homepage of the hacked website was showing a simple text message in white background, saying,
Hacked By Myanmar Muslim Cyber Force , Admin You are in Shit deeply..  
One another page (https://www.mining.gov.mm/Styles/magazine_post.htm) from the same website was defaced and was showing the above deface page.

The deface page was showing a short message saying,

Dear World
Islam is Perfect
All Muslims are not
Please dont Get Confused
All other pages of the website seems to be running fine, with its normal look, the pages which are defaced contains the homepage
https://www.mining.gov.mm/ and
Mirror: https://www.zone-h.com/mirror/id/21363031
At the time of writing the Article Ministry of Mine, Myanmar website was still showing the defaced page and was not restored.