RedHack leaks mobile numbers of 4000 employees of Turkcell Turkey for helping politicians

Turkcell employees today received a jolt from the hacker group named RedHack.   RedHack had previously leaked mobile numbers of Turkish politicians and authorities.  To safeguard the privacy of these politicians and authorities, Turkcell issued them a fresh set of cell numbers. However this action by Turkcell seemed to have stung RedHack and they today leaked cellular phone numbers of more than 4,000 Turkcell personnel.  You can view all the 4164 cell numbers here.


The RedHack posted the following tweet yesterday explaining their need to attack the Turkcell  employees.

“The phones of many ministers and deputies have been paralyzed after they were revealed by [us] while the ‘Internet censorship’ law was being debated in Parliament, leading to the postponement of the session. We are warning these thieves and those GSM operators protecting them: Censorship is a crime against humanity and those who defend this crime are our targets.”

The second Tweet said :

“We exonerate those Turkcell workers who are not involved in the incident [of quickly providing new numbers to the ministers]. Here are the numbers of the 4,164 people who work at the Turkcell call center. Are you going to change these too?”

Redhack seems to be daring Turkcell into further confrontation. It should be noted that Redhack had leaked mobile numbers of top politiciants, ministers and deputies.  The numbers published by them included son of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, Bilal Erdo?an, and Rasim Ozan Kütahyal?
All the action is now focussed on Turkish Parliament which is considering passage of a bill into a new law. The draft law was put on the agenda amid an ongoing graft scandal that stirred considerable debate as it would enhance the monitoring of any Internet user’s activities as well as allow officials to limit keywords more easily.
Source : Hurriyetdailynews

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