This one is too good to be true, the website of world’s most advanced and powerful crime fighting agency has been claimed to be hacked by a hacker group which works under the name of Anonymous Slovenia.

Anonymous claims to hack FBI server , leaks information of Agents to confirm it
The Anonymous Slovenia have not only claimed that they have hacked the website of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) the, they have further posted the email ids and passwords as proof of their exploits.
Anonymous claims to hack FBI server , leaks information of Agents to confirm it
You can read the entire list posted by Anonymous Slovenia here. The leaks posted by a user going by the handle of Black-Shadow of the Anonymous Slovenia reportedly contains email addresses and passwords for 68 agents which are hosted on the website. Surprisingly Black-Shadow also claims on another Pastebin that  “Collection. Alot work. Not all ours ;-]” You can read that Pastebin here.  This pastebin also includes a brief resume of the current FBI Director James Brien Comey Jr.

The resume includes sensitive information such as his date of birth, his wife’s name, the date they got married, his educational history and even the geographical coordinates of his residence.

Anonymous claims to hack FBI server , leaks information of Agents to confirm it

The post also reveals that Anonymous Slovenia targeted the FBI website through seven open ports.  The hackers reportedly used following ports and proxies responding on port 118 (sqlserv) responding on port 3209 (asipx-webadmin) – Plaintext Passwords responding on port 4415 (mxxrlogin) responding on port 5613 (directplay6) – Remote Vulnerability responding on port 7429 (openmail-mod) responding on port 7440 (mppolicy-mgr) – Denial of Service responding on port 7495 (x11-ssh-offset)
The post goes on to mock the FBI’s web security by stating ‘[REALLY GUYS, WHERE’S UR SECURITY]’  At this point and time FBI has neither denied or confirmed the hacks or the leaks. But the FBI website has been vulnerable to DDoS attacks in the past and similar posts have been made so it is difficult for techworm to either confirm the hack or confirm it as a hoax.  
The parent of Anonymous Slovenia, the hacker group Anonymous already has some high profile hackings like websites CIA, Sony and the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency on its profile.  techworm will bring you the latest information on this event as it happens


  1. If this is true, what a bunch of BS. <br />Just what the world needs, more people acting as judge/jury/executioner. <br />This dump is no better than how the Govt&#39;s of the world stick it to innocent people.


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