Major Vulnerability Found In Mozilla Firefox And Google Chrome By CERT India

Here is a new news for Internet users According to latest advisory of CERT-In (Computer Emergency Response Team of India) multiple vulnerabilities have been detected in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox which could exploit remote attacker to bypass security restriction, it could Disclose potentially sensitive information, execute malicious code in affected system or may cause Dos (Denial of Service) condition in affected system. All Mozilla Firefox and Chrome users are requested to update their browser to latest version.

CERT-In is a nodal agency to combat Phishing, hacking and fortify security related defence of the Indian Internet arena.

A Senior Cyber Security Expert states that Mozilla Firefox and Chrome are the two most important and popular web browsers among Indian consumers. this vulnerability is discovered recently and this vulnerability is caused due to improper access restrictions to “about:home” buttons by script on pages in Mozilla Firefox.

new vulnerability found in google chrome

A remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability using a website successful exploitation could cause sensitive data theft.

Similar vulnerabilities is reported in Google Chrome browser. Multiple vulnerabilities are reported in Chrome browser which could be exploited by a remote attacker to cause Denial of Service attack to the system. Maximum damage this vulnerability can cause are Memory corruption, loss of sensitive information, unwanted downloading.

These vulnerability are found in various versions of Mozilla Firefox like version prior to 27.0 and Google Chrome chrome version 32.0.1700.102. Try to update your Browsers to latest versions, Google Chrome has inbuilt updater which updates its version automatically when Chrome is running. 

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