Apple users are being targeted by a new kind of phishing mail.  The mail originates from a email id bearing address ‘Apple’s Security Department’ and looks discerningly genuine.  Another problem wiht this mail is that neither Google, Live nor Yahoo junk it. 
New phishing email targets Apple users and steals Apple ID, Password and Credit Card details

This phishing mail was noticed first by Hoax Slayer and has been specifically made to target the Apple users.  The email reads as follows :

“Your Apple ID, was just used to download OS X Mavericks from the Mac App Store on a computer or device that had not previously been associated with that Apple ID. […] If you did not initiate this download, you have to confirm your account and validate your informations.” 

Once you download the attachment, it requests you to fill in the Apple ID and password along with their credit card information. The behaviour of the email looks genuine up until this moment but once you have filled your details, the same are sent to a unknown server for further theft.  It is worth mentioning that Apple doesn’t have a general public liasion “Security Department” office which can send out such a mail.

“All the information submitted on the fake from can be harvested by criminals and used to hijack the real Apple accounts belonging to victims,” Hoax Slayer warns. “The criminals may also conduct fraudulent credit card transactions and try to steal the identities of victims.”

If you receive such kind of email, do delete it from your system and warn your friends using Apple products about the same. 


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