RedHack today announced the leaks from Database of Internet Service Provider “TTNET”, Mobile operator “Vodafone” and “Turkcell” of turkey. The leak was dedicated Over Gezi Protesters death. “We dedicate our new action to Gezi martyr #Ali?smailKorkmaz” tweet from Official RedHack Account said.

RedHack hacks into database of ISP "TTNET", Mobile operator "Vodafone" and "Turkcell" leaks data of Government officials of Turkey

RedHack also said that they were able to infiltrate the system with limited resources, “These companies have 90% of the population’s data on their systems and they can’t protect them” it is a serious security issue for these companies. using poor security measure can easily caught attentions from Foreign hacker groups who are more efficient and managed.

A paste was released by the hacker group which contains membership details of Ministries, National Intelligence Agency(MIT) and Security Directorate.

Data of General People from the country has not been leaked, The leaked data most probably comes from the Internet service provider “TTNET” with details like, Name of Customer, Contact details including Phone number, Mobile Number, email Address, Billing Address and Type of device used.

(Screenshot taken from the leaked data, full leak can be seen here)

“In the coming days we’ll continue with those exploiting the country. No public information will be shared. Our people can be at ease.”, “Selection process is underway.Security forces,Intelligence,Judiciary and Military personnel that commits injustices is our next target.”
“Purpose of this action is to prove no one and no system is %100 secure.” RedHack said on Twitter.

From their statement it is clear that RedHack will be leaking more from the Compromised files from the Databases in the coming few days.

Earlier this year in the Mid January RedHack leaked mobile numbers of 4000 employees of Turkcell Turkey for helping politicians.


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